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Convention sketches!

Here are a couple of my favorite sketches from recent conventions! (Click for bigger versions.)

This was for a “Monsters and/or Robots” themed sketchbook:

I think this was my own idea, I can’t remember if there was a suggestion that prompted it:

“Gax hugging Mr Meanscary”:

“Polar bear with a nosebleed” (for a polar-bear-with-a-nosebleed themed sketchbook, I think):

BONUS LINK: At TCAF last weekend I met Tamara, who made a bunch of webcomics-themed cookies! Adorable!

Calendar update photos

We’ve got two people printing calendars in shifts right now, working as fast as the law allows.* We’re about 80% done with everything, and I still expect to be shipping these out on Saturday.

*By which I mean, of course, the physical law that governs the drying time of ink. Perhaps it’s Squid’s Law? I hereby postulate Squid’s Law as: “Things take twice as long as you expect, three times as long as you have, and four times as long as you want.”

We mixed up a custom color of ink for part of it, because apparently I hate doing anything simply?

It is very messy.

Monday the 19th will be the last day to place any orders through my in-house store before I leave town for Christmas. I cannot guarantee that anything purchased now will arrive at any given time, because I cannot control the post office, but we are doing pretty well at shipping all orders within 24 hours.

Here is a sketch I did at the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend!

It is a profound metaphor for AMERICA

I drew some pachyderms

In a winter scene!

Another article about writing

My co-editor Matt wrote a great article for the Machine of Death blog about how to finish a short story; how to muscle up and drag it past the finish line — great advice if you’re trying to complete a piece to submit to Machine of Death 2, in this final week, or just for writing under the gun in general.

…This post is specifically for those of you who have about half of a story and about one week to finish it. It’s for those of you who are feeling increasingly panicked as the deadline ticks ever closer. It’s for those of you who are saying to yourselves, I’m almost out of time! What the heck should I do now???

First thing first: DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP. We want to read your story. In order for that to happen, we need to have it by midnight on July 15. And we have faith in you. We know you can do this. But here are some thoughts that might help point you in the right direction. (Read more)

I’ve also started a couple of fun little contests on the Machine of Death Facebook group: try and guess when (down to the minute!) we’ll break Volume 1′s record for total submissions received, AND ALSO try and guess what the title of the record-breaking submission will be. Post your guesses here! Winners will be given prizes from the all-new MOD store on TopatoCo.

(P.S. Caption Contest #3 submissions are now closed — winners will be announced soon!)


This guy has a webcomic that consists entirely of his friend Hays being killed in cartoony ways. I contributed two sketches of same at a recent convention, which have been colored and posted on the site! Here and here. But my favorite episode of the comic is definitely this one.

See you in San Francisco this weekend! I’ll also be at Readercon in Massachusetts next weekend, and then San Diego after that!

Calgary photos & a TALE OF VICTORY.

Just look at that strapping fellow in the photo! What a delightful book he’s holding, what a clever shirt he’s wearing! (Pay no attention to the seething jealousy seeping from the eyes of the man in the background. He is clearly a man consumed.)

Many, many thanks to the hero of the photo and the many others who came to visit at the Calgary Expo. It was tremendous fun and I sold out of pretty much everything I brought, which made it even more fun. We had a blast playing Machine of Death Draw & Guess on Sunday, and all in all I left Calgary feeling INSPIRED.

Not least because of an incredible achievement I managed on the way home:

…I am the type of person who wants things to work out. I want puzzle pieces to fit, and I want objects to be aligned. I once sorted a stack of bills by serial number because I was bored. I stack coins by size, take exhausting and overlong trips because I can make the itineraries mesh like beautiful gears, and before every trip I agonize over which suitcase will most exactly fit the things I need to pack. I HATE the idea of 43 Canadian cents burning a worthless hole in my pants as I cross the border home.

(Read more on my Tumblr)

Here is a picture I drew in a book:

And here is a newspaper headline that I saw:

…Which at first glance appears to indicate that R2-D2 and a charming moppet dove from a bridge to save a drowning man in an incredible moment of heroism.

Unless R2-D2 is what they mean by “motorist.”