San Diego Roll-a-Sketches! PLUS: A REQUEST

I had a good time in San Diego the other week! And I also had a good time at the Toronto signing earlier this week! If I saw you in either place, I hope you came away as delighted from the encounter as I did. At both places I had my full-scale mockup Machine of Death, and it was a real eye-catcher — in San Diego specifically, where the aisles are full with people shuffling along waiting for anything at all to catch their eye, it was neat to see people stop, squint at my “Free Death Predictions” sign, look at me quizzically, and actively volunteer to have their death predicted.

Here’s one account from someone in San Diego who’d never heard of the MOD before:

While we were staring at the machine trying to figure out what the hell it was, a bearded man approached from behind the counter and asked us if we would like to give it a shot…


Anyway here are a few of the Roll-a-Sketches I did at the show!






That last one was drawn in a copy of my recent book Emperor of the Food Chain! Perhaps you recall SOME MONTHS AGO when that book was released, I made sketched copies available online.

Now that I’ve been doing these sketches in earnest for over a year (last year in San Diego was when I came up with the idea), I’d like to put together a little book collection of just Roll-a-Sketch drawings. I’ve tried to be diligent in photographing the sketches I do at conventions, and back when I drew in all those books last fall, I made sure to photograph every single one.

Unfortunately, I lost the memory card that I used to photograph the book drawings. Tragedy!! But luckily, those drawings are all in your hands now.

So I need your help:

If you have a Roll-a-Sketched book (or multiple books) that you ordered last fall, I would really like it if you could send me a scan or hi-res photograph of the drawing(s).

If you do so before the end of August, I will put your email address on a list and send you a free PDF copy of the complete Roll-a-Sketch book collection once it’s done!

To ensure book-print-level quality, the images you send should be:

If a scan: at least 300dpi. Grayscale is fine. Crisp with no blurry areas.
If a photo: evenly lit, in sharp focus, no lens distortion. Grainy or blurry photos will be unusable. The photos I post here on the blog are the sort of thing I’m looking for: straight-on shots with no shadows. Any camera these days should probably take a high enough resolution picture for my purposes — please don’t re-save it at a lower size.

Email your images to dave at wondermark dot com, subject: “Sketch Rescue”. I’ll write back to let you know if the images work OK.

Thanks for your help with this!! You can send them anytime, but again, if you can send in yours before the end of August, I’ll send you a free PDF of the finished book. To reiterate, I only need copies of the drawings I did in books last fall — I do already have pictures of all the convention sketches. UPDATE: Actually I would like any sketches from 2012’s SPX (in Bethesda) or APE (in San Francisco.) Thank you for your help!

NEXT CHANCE FOR SKETCHES (and other goodies): GEN CON, in Indianapolis! Booth 743!

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