Check Out: NEW Roll-a-Sketch Daily Blog! And a DANCING DINOSAUR

it's true

Good news, everyone! I’ve created a repository of Roll-a-Sketch drawings on the Internet!!

I love doing randomly-generated Roll-a-Sketch drawings for fine people like you. As you’ve probably seen, I post a few examples after each convention, but at any given event I’ve usually drawn many, many more than just those. Over the past few years I’ve drawn hundreds of fantastic chimeric creatures, and only a small percentage have been posted here.

So I’ve set up a new daily blog just to showcase these drawings! You can follow along at: or

This is also a great time to recap the various things I do, and the various ways you can follow along if you like:

• My personal Twitter is @malki and I usually mention all the various things I’m working on! I also tell JOKES and post pictures of my CATS

• My personal Tumblr is and I post interesting stuff there sometimes too!

• I have a Vine account too — — which I use ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY for conversations with my adorable kitties

• For Wondermark comics, you can come to the site directly (of course), or you can subscribe via RSS, the Twitter account @wondermarkfeed, or daily email delivery — all of those mirror every post that appears on this site. There’s a LiveJournal feed too, if you still have that.

• I post every comic on the Wondermark Facebook page too, but Facebook is underhanded: they only display page content to a small fraction of subscribers, because they want to get page owners to buy advertising and pay to promote their posts. It’s a dirty trick! So just be aware that if you follow along on Facebook, you may not always be seeing everything.

• Of course, I also collaborate with Ryan North on our ongoing Bookwar, and over at Machine of Death, the retail release of our card game grows ever closer.




I drew a dinosaur dancing vaudeville! You can read more about why I did this, here.

It was a little sketch in a notebook that I liked enough to turn it into a shirt, which is available on TeeSpring now — it’ll be available for pre-order for two weeks, and if we hit the order threshold (45 copies), it’ll be printed. If we don’t hit the threshold, it won’t! THE CHOICE…IS YOURS

So, if you’d like to bring this fun li’l guy into your life, pre-order a copy of the shirt right now!



Earlier this week, in my post about Artifacts From My Mom’s House, I showed a picture of jars and said they were spices used in making the beverage arak. My mom, the prolific correspondent, wrote me to clarify that the jars, in fact, contained various seeds, not spices.

Wondermark regrets the error.

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