Some book sketches from today

Here are a couple of the sketches I did today in copies of Emperor of the Food Chain, using prompts supplied by each book’s future owner:

“Turtle Robot CEO”:

“Victorian Helicopter Squid”:

“Victorian Rocket Kitten”:

Here’s where you can order your own!

Also, Marksman George C. wrote me today, saying: “Just ordered the 5-pack. Since I wasn’t near a 40-sided die, this happened.” It’s a Roll-a-Sketch Randomizer! Thanks so much, George!

Speaking of drawings…

One of the other neat things in the new book is a Piranhamoose children’s story. Reader Sharon Bryan, a librarian at an Australian university, wrote me several years ago to say:

I was particularly impressed by the latest appearance of the Piranhamoose — so much so that I was oddly inspired to create some sort of fan fiction.

I may have been strongly influenced by the number of children’s books I have been reading lately… Anyway, the following nonsense came to me whilst riding my bike to work today, and I thought it was only fitting to send it to you to put in whatever “stalkers” file you may have for such things.

Attached was a delightful short poem about children who visit a quite dangerous zoo. I was so taken with the story that I got Sharon’s permission to include it in this book, and had my friend Phil McAndrew create a series of original watercolor illustrations to round out the whole package! It’s a cute little story and I hope you like it too.

Grab the book today! UPDATE: Artist Editions are done for now, thanks everyone!

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