I made a video of the comic about making a video.

It’s not a “process video,” per se (I have made plenty of those in the past), but I couldn’t resist making the most annoying social-media reel possible out of the latest comic, #1548.

I posted it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

RELATED: There is a Wondermark Instagram. I set it up ages ago but have never committed to doing anything with it. Someday, I will post more things to it! Feel free to follow it now in case I do!

The most active community I post comics to these days has actually become Wondermark on Facebook?

In the macro, I dislike that website with a passion, but in the micro, I can’t argue with the results for my page in particular.

Lots of great people reading and commenting over there! If you are one of them…thanks!!

Video: The Last Spaceplane

Here’s a Wondermark puppet animation that I made a while back but never posted online for some reason!


It was written by Zach Sigelko, and performed by Zach and myself:


Over on Patreon I’ve posted a link to an enormous folder full of more experimental puppet videos that Zach and I made!

The above was basically the culmination of this period of experimentation. The archive videos chronicle the early beginnings of our efforts as they gradually grow more refined.

Zach also guested on the latest episode of Malki on the Mark, in which we discuss these puppet videos, and why we made them, and so on.

It was chatting with Zach for this podcast that reminded me that I never really posted many of these online. So thanks, Zach!


Here’s a short time-lapse video of me drawing a Roll-a-Sketch creature! In this case: WIZARD + LIBRARIAN

In this video, I employ the following techniques:

• Dicery
• Sketching
• Inking
• Toning
• Ballooning
• Moving Quickly
• Singing In A Perfect Imitation Of Soundtrack Music
• Offending All Librarians And/Or Wizards
• Enforcing Library Fine Rules
• Casting Spells
• Making Videos
• Blogging About The Above

Wait that last part isn’t in the video

This weekend: Emerald City Comicon!

This weekend I’ll be in Seattle for the wonderful Emerald City Comicon! I’ll be at the TopatoCo table on the skybridge (booth 1102).


I’ll be hosting two panels.

The first is the URBAN DICTIONARY GAME SHOW. We did this last year and it was super funny — check out the video from 2014!

In last year’s panel, I had contestants Ryan North, Kate Leth, Chip Zdarsky, and Trin Garritano try to guess the definitions of terrible, disgusting terms from that wonderful fount of true actual non made-up knowledge, Urban Dictionary.

This year, Trin and Kate are back, and we’ll be joined by Nika Harper and Jenn Bane!

It’ll be a raucous great time on Friday night, in the following room, with the following description:

Urban Dictionary Game Show
Room: Hall B (WSCC 602-603)
Date: Friday, March 27th
Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Moderator: David Malki ! (Wondermark)

Watch a panel-discussion type game show where panelists Kate Leth (Kate or Die), Nika Harper (Wordplay), and Trin Garritano & Jenn Bane (Cards Against Humanity) attempt to define the weirdest and grossest terms the Urban Dictionary website has to offer. It’s a super entertaining time as funny and charismatic people attempt to guess and define these terrible terms. This panel is recommended for those 18+.

Then, on Saturday night, I’m hosting another game show!

TopatoCo Presents: Mashdown! The Mashup Showdown
Room: Hall E (TCC 303)
Date: Saturday, March 28th
Time: 5:50PM – 6:40PM
Moderator: David Malki ! (Wondermark)

Mashups: the 100% definite most creative way to design pop culture merchandise! Which of our TopatoCo artists and friends can identify all the elements in a given mashup? And can they think of an idea so bad it doesn’t already exist out there in the world already? Join Frank Gibson (Capture Creatures), Dave Kellett (Sheldon; Drive), Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit), Trin Garritano (Cards Against Humanity) & Holly Rowland (TopatoCo) to find out!

Super looking forward to it all. Hope to see you there!!

Video: Watch Chris Yates Make Sculptural Puzzles out of Wood

My friend Chris Yates is a master puzzlemaker! That sounds like some sort of official title conferred by an august, puzzly governing body of some sort, so I’m just going to assume that it is.

Yates likes purple

Yates like Ash

Chris makes original jigsaw puzzles out of wood, using a scroll saw! He’s made over three thousand individual puzzles over the past 10+ years.

In this video, I got him to show off how he does it.

There’s now less than a week left in the Wondermark Puzzles Kickstarter! We’ve done very well, with (as I write) nearly 400 dashing backers so far, all clearly personages of exquisite taste. I’m really excited to GET THESE PUZZLES MADE.

Chris, of the video above, is also offering some special PREMIUM TIER PUZZLES that he will uniquely hand-make for YOU, featuring your favorite Wondermark or Malki-in-General image!

With just a few days remaining, there are several of these premium spots still open, over on the Kickstarter page. If you would like a plaything that’s also a sculpture that’s also an art piece that’s also a brain-challenge that’s also a collectible that’s also a Wondermark thing, perhaps the premium puzzles may be of interest to you.

Whether or not you back the premium tier, I definitely recommend a click-spin through Chris’ online puzzle portfolio (and online store).

** 6 DAYS REMAIN ** to pre-order a puzzle!