Video: Watch Chris Yates Make Sculptural Puzzles out of Wood

My friend Chris Yates is a master puzzlemaker! That sounds like some sort of official title conferred by an august, puzzly governing body of some sort, so I’m just going to assume that it is.

Yates likes purple

Yates like Ash

Chris makes original jigsaw puzzles out of wood, using a scroll saw! He’s made over three thousand individual puzzles over the past 10+ years.

In this video, I got him to show off how he does it.

There’s now less than a week left in the Wondermark Puzzles Kickstarter! We’ve done very well, with (as I write) nearly 400 dashing backers so far, all clearly personages of exquisite taste. I’m really excited to GET THESE PUZZLES MADE.

Chris, of the video above, is also offering some special PREMIUM TIER PUZZLES that he will uniquely hand-make for YOU, featuring your favorite Wondermark or Malki-in-General image!

With just a few days remaining, there are several of these premium spots still open, over on the Kickstarter page. If you would like a plaything that’s also a sculpture that’s also an art piece that’s also a brain-challenge that’s also a collectible that’s also a Wondermark thing, perhaps the premium puzzles may be of interest to you.

Whether or not you back the premium tier, I definitely recommend a click-spin through Chris’ online puzzle portfolio (and online store).

** 6 DAYS REMAIN ** to pre-order a puzzle!

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