This weekend: I’m in Juneau!


After a very long time with no appearances, I’m pleased to say I’ll be in Juneau, Alaska this weekend with books, trinkets and sketches!

The 2024 Alaska Robotics Minicon takes place on Saturday, April 27 at the APK Libraries, Archives, and Museum building.

I’ll also be doing a presentation the night before, Friday 4/26, at the kickoff variety show at the Mendenhall Valley Library. The full events schedule is here!

THIS WEEK: San Diego Comic-Con!

It’s time once again for Comic-Con! This year I’ll be sharing the TopatoCo booth (#1229) with old pals Sam Logan and Kory Bing.

I won’t have the newest Wondermark collection there — it’s not quite finished being printed — but I will sign a sticker you can take home and put in the book when you do get it! Or any other book you own, or whatever!

I’m not doing any panels this year, so I’ll just be at the booth the whole time, staring quietly into the middle distance until someone calls my name three times with increasing sharpness. Hope to see you there!

This weekend: Alaska Mini-Con in Juneau!

This weekend I’ll be returning to the Alaska Robotics Mini-Con in Juneau!

On Friday night there’s a variety show at the Mendenhall Valley Library, and I’ll be part of it, doing a li’l slideshow.

Then, on Saturday, I’ll be tabling at the convention at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center.

Then I’ll be going off to Comics Camp for a few days!

Previous excursions to camp have yielded the following accounts: an examination of an 1886 article about camping, and the shocking true story of how Juneau ate my boots.

Not in Juneau? Near Huntington Beach instead? NO PROBLEM.

Later in May — the weekend of the 18th — I’ll also be at the first-ever NCSFest (National Cartoonists Society Festival) in Huntington Beach!

At both locations I will have FRIENDSHIP APLENTY. It will be a good time!

NEXT WEEK: Emerald City Comic Con!

Once again, I am returning to the Emerald City for its eponymous comic convention!

Once again, I will be found on the 4th floor skybridge between the convention center proper and the building across the street.

As the show has grown more media- and pop-culture focused, most of the indie artists have migrated up to the 6th floor Artist Alley. But personally, I like the natural light (and the elbow room) on the 4th floor!

Also, once again I will be hosting The Lost in Wikipedia Game Show! on Sunday, March 17.

My intrepid competitors this year will be:

At the booth this year, I’ll have Wondermark enamel pins (which debuted at Gen Con last summer, so they’re new since last ECCC), plus my usual complement of nonsense.

Still working on the new hardcover collection…It won’t make it to this con, sorry to say. But I will have paperback copies of The Elephant of Surprise!

Hope to see you (OR FEEL YOUR IMMATERIAL ESSENCE) at the show!

Wondermark at San Diego Comic-Con, #1229

It’s time once again for San Diego Comic-Con, and as per usual, I’ll be at the TopatoCo booth, #1229 (right next to #1234, which is how you remember it!).

I’ll be sharing that space with Ryan North, Brandon Bird, and, in his long-awaited return to San Diego after many years banned from entering the building, Sam Logan!

I’m sure we will come up with many excellent jokes in the many punchy hours we will spend standing next to one another — feel free to ask us what the current running gag is, at whatever time you see us.

On Sunday, I’ll also be participating in this panel:

Comics of the Internet: The Memes, the Myths, the Legends

Have you seen that one comic online? You know, the one that’s everywhere? What if you could talk to the creators behind the comics that broke the Internet? Now you can! comiXologists Matt Kolowski and Kiersten Wing chat with meme comic scholars and creators Hope Nicholson (Bedside Press), Megan Kearney (The Secret Loves of Geek Girls), Shen T. (Owlturd Comics), David Malki (Wondermark), and Nick Franco (Nuzlocke Comics) about the creative genius and little bit of luck that make these exceptional comics go viral!

Sunday July 22, 2018
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Room 29AB

I think they are going to ask me about that comic about the otter, or whatever it is.