Stumptown Comics Fest & BEARD LINK ROUNDUP

This weekend I’ll be in Portland, Oregon for the Stumptown Comics Fest! Portland is the Beard Capital of the USA, so it’s only fair that I use this post for a BEARD LINK ROUNDUP:

BEARD HEAD. So many people have sent me this link! It is a very windy day in Los Angeles today so I could certainly use one of my own.

Amazing video from the World Beard & Moustache Championships (2003)! My favorite quote: “Well, I don’t normally wear it like this, it’s a bit impractical actually.” This year’s championships are coming up next month in Anchorage, Alaska.

Beard Song. Quite a lovely song really.

The astonishing charity fundraiser, Things My Beard Can Lift.

The Australian band “The Beards“. They proclaim themselves to be “a bearded band”, which is great — but wait! “We only play songs about beards and having beards.” Phenomenal.

This lovely poster is by Michael Buchino of, which should have a home in the “Beards” tab of your bookmarks folder or RSS list.

Finally, here is a drawing that I made in 2006, the very first year that I went to the Stumptown show:

See you in Portland!

9 thoughts on “Stumptown Comics Fest & BEARD LINK ROUNDUP”

  1. I’m not sure I can get into the Championships, but I’m definitely planning on showing up for this one:
    “5/22 4:00pm – Beard Parade through Downtown Anchorage.”

  2. As a beard-loving girl from Portland, I’m wondering what the basis is behind your claim that Portland is the beard capital of the USA. Might help me to convince my boyfriend to keep his lovely beard.

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