Intern wanted!

the services of an urchin are required

Would you (or do you know someone who would) like to learn all about the high-stakes world of Professional Webcomics™? Do you have far too much free time, and currently fritter it away counting dust-mites or smelling carpet samples? Are you in the Los Angeles area? And are you not a total lunkhead?

I am looking for an intern at my new base of operations, The Assault Factory, in Venice Beach! This is a one-day-a-week position starting very soon and extending tentatively through the San Diego Comic-Con in July. The position is unpaid, but meals will be provided as well as mileage reimbursement for any errands run on my watch. You will probably end up with some merch as well before the whole thing is said and done. I will sign any sort of school paperwork that you like — internship form? Hot-lunch voucher? Tardy slip? No problem. I also write killer letters of recommendation.

The ideal candidate is friendly, intelligent, vaguely familiar with the comic and my merchandise, and computer literate. Helpful (but not required) qualifications include: car ownership, facility with Photoshop, facility with Final Cut Pro, facility with WordPress, facility with nunchucks, and local to the West LA/Venice area — I hate asking people to drive across town. Although, of course, that’s your prerogative.

Please send your resumé (with a brief cover letter if you like) to dave at wondermark dot com, subject: “Internship”. Include any calendar or scheduling factors I should know regarding your availability. I will be conducting interviews as soon as possible, so please be willing to come to Venice for a sit-down.

See you soon! MWA HA HA HA

15 thoughts on “Intern wanted!”

  1. First you sell your merchandise from american stores, making purchases made in Europe cost way too much, and then you decide to live in LA, so I have no possibility of ever becoming your intern. But yet, we have to hear about it anyway, dont we? Bloody RSS feed.

    You are not a very fair man, even if you are awesome.

  2. I agree with mr. Magnus.

    And I want to see Wondermark website statistics, especially location data. Get a geeky intern, or a ticket Bergen – LA.

    Darn RSS.

  3. Fie on you both! I’d be willing to commute from London for the ‘ternship. The only question I have is how much of the interview process will be focussed on beard evaluation?

  4. If only I had the time, I would come all the way from Denmark to fill this position. Every week.


  5. I have just been made redundant so it’s a shame I don’t live in LA eh? Good luck in finding the right person…

  6. Aren’t people with too much free time who waste it counting dust mites or smelling carpet sample AND live in the LA area, by definition, lunkheads? I think you are going to be disappointed in the non-lunkheadedness of your potential interns.

  7. i once knew someone from denmark who came to my school for student exchange…. but thats totally irrelavant… whats important here is that all the australians out there (represent!) wont be able to fulfil their life dream of participating in a comic that has both randel and david ! !!!. i am so heartbroken…

  8. first:
    what a pleasant surprise! guest comics are always fun, but when it involves two of my top five favourite webcomic artists*, it is a rare treat.

    the mouse-over text nearly made me piss myself. Thank You (whoever was responsible for that) for making me question the integrity of my bladder.

    I would happily be Your intern, David…in fact, You would be so lucky to have me.(*) Sadly, I won’t be living in that area for another couple of months…unless my plans to move out of Atlanta change rather quickly. Either way, I don’t expect I’ll be available when You need me.
    Hopefully, I’ll have found my home in SD by the time Comic-Con rolls around, though. Happy hunting, man!

    * don’t ask where YOU land in that top five list, because I won’t tell You.**

    ** probably because the top five list shifts around a lot. still, You’re up there, so be grateful, You little punk.

    (*) slightly aggressive (albeit false) displays of confidence are always good for landing interviews, right?

  9. So I don’t know if it’s too late, but I am definitely interested in this opportunity– I can’t email you just yet, but I will ASAP.

    I trust my mutton chops won’t work against me.

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