Two new Wondermark books!


Now available for pre-order: Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death, the newest Wondermark collection from Dark Horse Books! In the vein of last year’s Beards of our Forefathers (which has been nominated for an Eisner Award), this beautiful hardbound volume collects over 100 individual Wondermark comics, as well as a long-form graphic-novel-style story and tons of extra material around the edges and stuffed into the corners.

Clever Tricks will officially be released next month, but between now and May 13, you can pre-order a copy (or all three of my collections) and have me create a unique sketch in each book!

Why is this significant, when I’ve been offering Artist Editions for years? Because this will be your only chance. For reasons that will become clear in a few months, I am discontinuing all Artist Editions after May 13.

So! If you would like an Artist Edition copy of the new book (or any of the old ones), please place your order now! And please keep future gift-giving, etc. in mind as well, because Artist Editions will (in all likelihood) not be available for Christmas later this year.

Also available for pre-order: Return to Wondermark Manor, the third and final volume of my parody Victorian novel series! The longest of the three books at 208 pages, Return is available by itself or in a combo pack with the other two volumes. Only a few hundred will be printed — your pre-order will ensure that you get a new, clean, fresh-smelling copy right off the press.


Here’s a bigger picture of Clever Tricks and here’s one of Return to Wondermark Manor. All pre-ordered books will begin shipping on May 13!

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