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“Dispatches from Wondermark Manor” is now on Kindle!

My parody Victorian novel series, Dispatches from Wondermark Manor, is now available for the Kindle!

The 500-page paperback edition is also now on Amazon too, if you like. Or, get it from TopatoCo!

(Here it is on Goodreads too, if you’ve already read it.)

I’m super-duper impressed with the image fidelity on the Kindle, and I think it represents the pictures in the book extraordinarily well. Hope you enjoy it!

Limited-edition & misprint shirts

I’ve done one single run of my popular “Steam Powered Heart” design on black shirts! These are American Apparel BB401 (men’s/unisex poly/cotton) for an extremely soft, comfortable fit. Modeled above by my friend Phill. (Check out his dancepop group, The Vice Junkies.) This is a one-run-only shirt, so supplies are limited to stock on hand. Available now!

(Of course the regular [brown] edition of Steam Powered Heart is still available right here at TopatoCo.)

ALSO: I have come into possession of a number of misprinted “Engineering: It’s Like Math, But Louder” shirts. UPDATE: These are all sold out! But you can still look at them, below.

The regular, perfect versions are here at TopatoCo, but right now in my office I have shirts that exhibit the following problems, which are a more-or-less comprehensive inventory of things that can go wrong with a shirt. (Click for closer views)

The ink is scratched. Pulled off the press too soon? Wrinkle? Something on the printing screen? Don’t know, don’t care.

This one is way over-inked. Maybe it got printed twice? Three times? Possibly up to a hundred times.

This one has some stray ink on it. The ink has wandered away from home in hopes of finding a more loving family. Will it learn its lesson? No, because it was then cooked in (the wrong) place.

There are two like this, in which the background explosion became a little TOO excited and spattered into the foreground. But NO that is BAD that is INCORRECT.

This shirt was printed off-register. The colors don’t quite match up properly. It’s got that “hip” “vintage” “messed-up” “done incorrectly” look.

The shoulders of this shirt are very slightly bleached orange. How did this happen? Does the factory keep bleach-soaked hangers on standby, and then once a day choose to put a shirt on one of them?

This one has what looks like the residue of a marker on it? It’s hard to make out, but the marks are there — no ink, just lines. Maybe someone tried to write on this shirt with a Sharpie that had run out of ink, and just the alcohol solvent came out? “Hmm,” they thought, “that didn’t work the way I expected. Better ship this shirt to an unsuspecting customer.”

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be this way.

I think it’s incredibly progressive and inclusive of the American Apparel factory to hire sewing workers with debilitating neurological disorders.

There’s one with a hole in it too, but I’m keeping it for church.

If your desire for SAVINGS outweighs your desire for PRODUCT INTEGRITY, these problem children are for sale for $13 right here.

Holiday cards, new book, and more!

I’m super-pleased to announce some neat new things for the holidays! Quick links:

  1. General Holiday Shipping Notes
  2. New Greeting Cards!
       Description belowStore link
  3. Artist Editions now available!
       Description belowStore link
  4. New book: The Compleat Dispatches from Wondermark Manor!
       Description belowStore link


New shirt: “Take It Apart”

Here is a new shirt based on my Rules poster!

Here it is! The unisex shirt is a white ringer; the ladies’ cut is solid navy. I’ve also taken care to print the ladies’ shirts on a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend — it’s the same fabric as my “Revolution” shirt and will probably be the softest shirt you own.


Why, this one! In this picture Tiffany is putting an “L” to her forehead to indicate “Listen, did you know that you save $5 automatically when you buy any three shirts from TopatoCo? Shirts such as…”

“…Steam-Powered Heart, or even…”

“…Engineering: Like Math But Louder.”

It’s a very complicated gesture, you see.

SPEAKING OF PICTURES — Classy Photo Contest winners will be announced next week! Thanks so much for your entries, they are delightful.

Buy the new “Take it Apart” shirt at TopatoCo!

Tinkerer’s Handbooks now available

Perhaps you have enjoyed the “Nominally-Essential Tinkerer’s Handbook,” my eight-page series celebrating the inability to leave well enough alone.

Now, I’m pleased to announce that you if you get one of my Builder’s, Crafter’s, Maker’s Rules posters, or my Engineering: It’s Like Math (But Louder) shirts, you can add on a pocket-sized version of the full Tinkerer’s Handbook! You can also get one with Jeph Jacques’ Science is a Verb Now shirt.

The pocket version is a full 12 pages (I added some new stuff to make the printing easier) and makes a perfect stocking stuffer for that person in your life who doesn’t see the problem with getting sawdust all over the kitchen counter.


We’ve got a new Volume 2 infographic and multi-themed Prediction Card Sets over at Machine of Death! If you’d like to help us game-test some new MOD card games developed by our cadre of volunteer testers, I’m holding another play session tomorrow afternoon (Saturday the 15th) in Los Angeles. You’re invited! More about that here; please RSVP if you’d like to come! UPDATE: We’re full up for this round! Thanks everyone!