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The new books are in! So I made a contest!

I’ve got so much to say that I’ll just start listing stuff! ITEM NUMBER ONE:


You can buy it right now from TopatoCo. (Click the image below for bigger)

This book is my longest yet — about 15% longer than the previous hardcover volumes. It’s full of comics, of course, but also elaborate digressions, the long-form “The Gax of Life” short story, a Piranhamoose children’s book, and tons of other fun stuff. It was so much fun to make and I’m so glad it’s here! It came out gorgeous.

For a limited time I’ll also draw in your books! I’m taking the Roll-a-Sketch idea and adapting it — you can choose up to three strange elements from a list (ideally at random), and I’ll create a drawing that combines them. This option is available on the book’s purchase page. UPDATE: This is over now, thanks everyone!

If you’ve never picked up any of my books, here’s a special treat for you! My first couple hardcovers are out of print, but we’ve saved a few just so we could offer a 5-pack of books once the new one arrived. To begin with, we’re only offering the 5-pack as sketched-in Artist Editions: UPDATE: These are also gone!

But if you’ve only got a few bucks, no sweat! Also new is this little guy, my first themed Wondermark collection and an homage to the old Fawcett comic-strip paperbacks I loved as a kid:

And I’ve lowered the prices on some of the other books too: The Annotated Wondermark is now only $8. Dispatches from Wondermark Manor, the Tweet Me Harder book, and Machine of Death are all now only $15.

September Prize Sweepstakes

If you pick up any of the Wondermark books — the new ones or any of the older ones — between now and the end of the month, you can enter a giveaway for prizes! You could get a copy of one of my personal favorite humor books, or I could make you a Zimbabwean trillionaire. Or you could win a bunch of my personal working notes for the new book, Emperor of the Food Chain. UPDATE: This is also over.

Check out the sweepstakes entry page for more details! (And if you already bought books from me at SPX last weekend, you can enter the sweepstakes too!)

A New Shirt As Well

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my new T-shirt that handily defines the notion of futurism:

Based, of course, on the stunning poster by Carly Monardo that we’ve offered for some time.

Oh Yeah and Machine of Death Too

We’re gonna have some big Machine of Death news this week. REALLY BIG. Like, hard-intel-about-the-sequel big. But for the time being let me just drop these on you…

The MOD Disposable Edition is now the cheapest way to get MOD in print, and it’s even available in bulk rates for book clubs, classes, and gift-giving bonanza time.

Only read ebooks? We’ve put the MOD ebook on a thumb drive. And we’ve thrown in the complete audiobook as a free bonus, read in many cases by the authors of the stories themselves, and in other cases by our charismatic friends from the world of webcomics. (You can also bundle the thumb drive with a print edition for a steep discount.)

Finally, we’ve added two new sets to the MOD Death Prediction Card tins. Above are some sample cards from the new “Plague & Pestilence” set of death cards, representing premodern deaths, from the caveman era to the Victorian era. There’s also a new “Deck C” expansion pack, full of more general-purpose deaths for your various prediction needs.

The Capsule Summary

• Buy the new book today, and have me sketch in it for you.
• Enter the contest to win prizes.
• Grab a T-shirt, thumb drive, or Disposable MOD while you’re shopping.

Thanks so much for your support! These new books and products are all done without the benefit of a major publisher. They’re not in bookstores or retail outlets, and we have no budget at all for promotions or publicity. You guys are the front lines and I appreciate every kind word and compliment! I have a ton of fun putting this stuff together and I can’t wait for you to see it all in person.

Sneak peek of a new Wondermark book!

I just got an advance copy of my newest book in the mail today!! (Click any of these pictures for bigger)

It’s called Emperor of the Food Chain, and it’ll feature:

  • Over 100 comics, including all the Piranhamoose comics to date
  • “The Gax of Life” short story originally published in the Dark Horse Presents anthology
  • Several pages of “Ask Gax” advice columns
  • A handy “Zoological Times Table” for your reference
  • Several pages of rejected strips and guest comics
  • Lots of “advertisements”, ancillary material, and new jokes written just for the book
  • All this PLUS an introduction written by my very own mom!

Although it shares a form factor with the Dark Horse books, Emperor is published by my good friends at TopatoCo! And since it’s been a little while since the last volume (Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters came out in 2010), Emperor is around 15% longer than the previous volumes.

I’ll be launching the book at SPX in Bethesda, MD next month, and then it’ll go on sale online! Artist Editions (containing original sketches) will be available for a limited time as well. I’ll talk more about that once I’ve got the dates all firmed up, but they’ll probably be available starting September 17.

I spent most of the spring working very hard on this book and I can’t wait for you to see it!!


I have a new shirt! Inspired vaguely by Comic #276 (or rather, the pervasive feeling that also led, years ago, to the creation of Comic #276), as well as the fun and camaraderie of events like MaxFunCon, as well as just the life I want to lead.

OBLIGATORY NOTE: If you wear that shirt and come up to me and want a high five, I will be forced to say “You’re not a stranger…you’re a FRIEND.” Then: hugs


Hyperbolic Stickers back in, plus iPhone skins!

Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers are back in stock!

ALSO you can now get my Removable Bumper Stickers and Multi-Purpose Greeting Card Sets extremely conveniently at TopatoCo, in case you want to bundle them with T-shirts or posters or books or something!


IPhone skins. Fits the back of your iPhone 4 or 4S. Just got a very limited number of these as a trial. LET’S DO THIS

Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers (update)

Quick note to say that my stock of Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers sold out extremely rapidly, but Sticker Mule is printing some more right away and they’ll go back on sale on Monday. (Greeting cards and other stickers are all still in stock.)

Oh, and if you would like to use Sticker Mule to print any stickers of your own, they have a new-customer referral program, so if you visit using this link you’ll get $10 off your first order!