New Wondermark holiday card for 2017!

There’s a new Wondermark holiday card this year! It is based on comic #779, “The Breakthrough”.

(Click for a closer look.)

It joins the many other Wondermark holiday cards currently up in my store, which you can order in sets large and small:

Also available are stickers, wooden magnets, and puzzles!

Finally, while I have no pictures or information yet available about the 2018 Wondermark limited-edition calendar, it is now available for pre-order, if you already know you want it.

Over at my TopatoCo store, I have a lot of T-shirts, books, and other nonsense! Did you know you can also order a large, handsome print of any Wondermark comic? It sounds impossible, but it’s true, thanks to TECHNOLOGY.

The time to order from TopatoCo is now; they are always busy as heck this time of year. Here is their list of ordering deadlines for guaranteed by-Christmas delivery.

We have one day remaining over on Kickstarter for the Wall Buddies project! It’s not mentioned on the project page, but I’m confirming it here: if you back the project, it will ship with a Wondermark Cast Card that commemorates that campaign in particular. Update: The funding period has ended, hooray! Soon, we’ll get to work making Wall Buddies!

Finally, over on Patreon I’ve written a third installment for my Archive Dive series, declaiming at ridiculous navel-gazing length about individual Wondermark comics from the archives. This one’s called Five Wondermarks that Foresaw the Future and it’s a real roller coaster of emotions! (This particular post is free to read for everyone, not just patrons.)

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