In Austin last weekend, kind reader and friend Elisa Leal brought me an exquisite gift: a hand-made set of WIZARD CHESS. Wizard Chess is something that Kris and I have talked about on Tweet Me Harder before, and Elisa somehow sat down and made it happen. Each piece is hand-sculpted and hand-painted on top of existing wooden chess pieces. (I’ll post more pictures as I’m able.) Thank you so much, Elisa! This is truly amazing and quite a delightful gift.

On Sunday, I was assisted at the booth by Sarah the Austinite, who seemed to know a bit more about Wizard Chess than I did.

I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Wizard Chess.

Also it’s not the first photocomic I’ve made! Longtime readers may remember the six-part epic from my 2006 New York trip with Chris Yates, master of photocomickry. My first convention ever as an artist! And a charming wee tale of sin and redemption:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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  1. Fritz! He killed Fritz! That lousy, stinking yellow wizard killed Fritz!

    You should try Extreme Chess. The rules are mostly the same as Regular, Non-Extreme Chess, but instead of each player making one move each turn, each player rolls a d6 and whoever rolled higher makes a number of moves equal to the higher roll minus the lower roll. Black rolls 6, White rolls 3: Black moves 3 times. Black rolls 3, White rolls 1: Black moves twice. Black rolls 1, White rolls 6: White moves 5 times. A typical game lasts about two minutes, and if you get destroyed it doesn’t matter, because it only took two minutes and next time you’ll be the destroyer; it’s a *perfect* game for playing at the table at conventions, because all you need is a cheap travel chess set and a pair of dice, and novices can still compete with grand masters because of the randomness.

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