In Austin last weekend, kind reader and friend Elisa Leal brought me an exquisite gift: a hand-made set of WIZARD CHESS. Wizard Chess is something that Kris and I have talked about on Tweet Me Harder before, and Elisa somehow sat down and made it happen. Each piece is hand-sculpted and hand-painted on top of existing wooden chess pieces. (I’ll post more pictures as I’m able.) Thank you so much, Elisa! This is truly amazing and quite a delightful gift.

On Sunday, I was assisted at the booth by Sarah the Austinite, who seemed to know a bit more about Wizard Chess than I did.


I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Wizard Chess.

Also it’s not the first photocomic I’ve made! Longtime readers may remember the six-part epic from my 2006 New York trip with Chris Yates, master of photocomickry. My first convention ever as an artist! And a charming wee tale of sin and redemption:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


  1. TexasNinjaBuzzard

    Fritz! He killed Fritz! That lousy, stinking yellow wizard killed Fritz!

    You should try Extreme Chess. The rules are mostly the same as Regular, Non-Extreme Chess, but instead of each player making one move each turn, each player rolls a d6 and whoever rolled higher makes a number of moves equal to the higher roll minus the lower roll. Black rolls 6, White rolls 3: Black moves 3 times. Black rolls 3, White rolls 1: Black moves twice. Black rolls 1, White rolls 6: White moves 5 times. A typical game lasts about two minutes, and if you get destroyed it doesn’t matter, because it only took two minutes and next time you’ll be the destroyer; it’s a *perfect* game for playing at the table at conventions, because all you need is a cheap travel chess set and a pair of dice, and novices can still compete with grand masters because of the randomness.

  2. a-Ron

    sarah is never to be trusted at wizard chess

  3. AlsoBagels

    The bishop throwing his arms up has to be my favorite.

  4. little gator

    reminds me of Calvinball.

  5. Swash

    You should try “Mind Control Chess”: http://storiesonline.net/story/61790

  6. Sharon

    Yes! Calvinball! My thoughts exactly.