Maker Faire this weekend

The Utterly Comprehensive Book Tour soldiers on, with two stops remaining before this train is classified a Zone Seven Urban Contaminant and blocked from leaving the station ever again. Next up is Maker Faire in San Mateo, this very weekend! I’ll be in the ‘Bazaar Bizarre‘ section, off to one side and around a corner or something, but I’m sure I’ll be easy to find, because I like to generally keep a good outlook about this sort of thing. Maker Faire! Come for the homemade robots; stay for the acrobatic turn-of-the-century circus which I assume will probably be there; leave with some Wondermark stuff. It’s all part of how you nourish the soul.

I had such a good time in Austin last weekend! Just look at the charming and attractive people I got to spend time with:

(Rocking the fashionable My Parents Never Taught Me Arabic shirt)

Thankfully, only one person was devoured, which is actually a pretty good average for the weekend. Come say hello when next I darken the mud of your town! You will probably escape being eaten, but there are no promises in life. Besides, turnabout is fair play.

My thanks to Brennan, Joe, and Sarah for their kind assistance and Austin hospitality! I hope to return triumphantly in years to come. It was only the second time at any event that I have ever been welcomed by a marching band.

And not just any marching band!

Tomorrow: the thrilling tale of WIZARD CHESS

5 thoughts on “Maker Faire this weekend”

  1. Glad to see the event was successful! When you said you were generating interest as the only webcomicist in attendance, I wasn’t sure if you were putting a positive spin on “I HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING HERE IN THIS SEA OF SARCASTIC TEE SHIRTS AND BOTTLECAP JEWELRY,” or if you were genuinely satisfied with the proceedings. I, too enjoyed the whimsical, percussive stylings of Minor Mishap; a fortuitous coincidence that they would be playing during my short trip around the exhibit hall.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed my new copy of “Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters”, and my right foot can attest to the quality and sturdiness of its construction, having borne responsibility for dissipating a not-insignificant amount of kinetic energy generated by the tome during a fall from its new home on my office bookshelf.

  2. David!
    You want me to be your assistant at Maker Faire this weekend!
    I will help you with all sorts of booth related activities, such as: Selling Schwag!
    Bathroom Breaks!
    Meal Breaks!
    “ZOMG you need to check out this awesome thing!”

    I’ve worked at Maker every year it’s existed with the Neverwas Haul (that giant mobile 3-story Steampunk House), but alas, the Haul isn’t coming to Maker this year, so I’m out of a job (and ticket in).
    I’ve met you most recently at The Edwardian Ball in San Francisco in January.
    Here’s my (public) Facebook profile, if that helps:

    Please say Yes?

  3. /waves hand

    You WILL sign my copy of Expendable, and sell me a copy of Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters.

    (my force influence is getting stronger all the time)

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