Tweet Me Harder show #1: “Parka Car Wash”

toasty warm

Last night Kris and I recorded the pilot episode of our new podcast, Tweet Me Harder! I won’t be posting every episode here at Wondermark, but as this is the first I thought it’d be fun to share. For more info, visit the show’s official site or follow @tweethard on Twitter.

SHOW 1: Parka Car Wash / 1hr 13min / June 3, 2009 / #tmh1

Download the MP3


I made this: found-junk sculpture #1

This li’l dude was made from a few scraps of coathanger wire, foam, and paper that used to be a dry cleaner’s hanger. It’s snappily accessorized with some fabric from a DEMON VAMPIRE COSTUME. (This comic will provide some more context.)

I’ve made a few of these little found-junk sculptures now, and I always leave them where I make them. There might be some commentary there about the instantaneous and transitive nature of inspiration or some crap, but I think it’s just fun to leave little pieces of the world a tiny bit more whimscial than I found them.