Tweet Me Harder show #2: “Houses Made of Bones”

I think Kris and I took a big step up with this show, relative to the first, and look forward to seeing where we take this in the future! Our next show will be Tuesday, June 16th, and if you like, you can listen live at

SHOW 2: Houses Made of Bones / 1hr 13min / June 10, 2009 / #tmh2


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Tweet Me Harder show #1: “Parka Car Wash”

toasty warm

Last night Kris and I recorded the pilot episode of our new podcast, Tweet Me Harder! I won’t be posting every episode here at Wondermark, but as this is the first I thought it’d be fun to share. For more info, visit the show’s official site or follow @tweethard on Twitter.

SHOW 1: Parka Car Wash / 1hr 13min / June 3, 2009 / #tmh1

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I made this: found-junk sculpture #1

This li’l dude was made from a few scraps of coathanger wire, foam, and paper that used to be a dry cleaner’s hanger. It’s snappily accessorized with some fabric from a DEMON VAMPIRE COSTUME. (This comic will provide some more context.)

I’ve made a few of these little found-junk sculptures now, and I always leave them where I make them. There might be some commentary there about the instantaneous and transitive nature of inspiration or some crap, but I think it’s just fun to leave little pieces of the world a tiny bit more whimscial than I found them.