My wedding poster, trailer, and epic cake

It’s been a few years since I last mentioned this stuff, so I’m gonna share it again for the benefit of new readers! Back when my wife and I were first engaged, we were both working in movie advertising. So naturally, after setting a date, the first thing we did was make a poster (above, click for bigger).

Then, we made a trailer:

‘Getting Married’ Trailer

(if you don’t have Flash, here are lo-res and hi-res QuickTime versions)

And being action-movie fans, we decided we needed an action-movie cake:

It was designed by me and created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond, WA. Click the image for a closer look!

If you have further sinister curiosity about our wedding itself you can always look at some of our vaguely interesting pictures as well. But the main thing is the cake — I’ve seen it linked around the internet anonymously before, and I want to make sure it’s got an attribution attached to it.

By the way each tier was a different flavor

18 thoughts on “My wedding poster, trailer, and epic cake”

  1. The trailer prompted me to exclaim “holy fuck.” This is uncharacteristic for me. I thought you should know.

  2. Woah, my worlds are colliding…this showed up in my Google Reader because I subscribed to Wondermark after being recommended it via Qwantz. However, the cake is rather worthy of Cake Wrecks’ Sunday Sweets, which is also in my Google Reader. Crazy times.

    Also, that trailer was incredible.

  3. Awesome! Your trailer had the menacing “boom” sound at the beginning–love it! (the cake is just wonderful)

  4. Every time I’ve seen it linked around the Internet anonymously before I’ve said (to no one in particular) “THAT is Malki !’s cake!”

  5. I thought this cake was soooo awesome when I saw it on Cake Wrecks. They have some great cakes on their Sunday Sweets edition. It’s cool to know who actually had this made.

  6. that is the coolest wedding-everythings i’ve seen for a very long time…if not in ALL OF EVER.


  7. I’m another one of those folks who started seeing that amazing cake EVERYWHERE recently. And with good reason. Man, that’s cool.

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