SPX Sketches

Here are some sketches from my recent trip to SPX! They have nothing to do with SPX, but I had a lot of time to kill on airplanes. All were drawn with that surprisingly-versatile tool, the hotel-logo-imprinted ballpoint pen. (Click for bigger versions)

gotta catch the sun

git that bad man

only stampy understands

Also, a reminder: I’m at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend (Friday-Sunday, booth 149, with “Sheldon”), and on Sunday at 3pm, I’ll even be on a panel, talking about either webcomics or Your Sure-Fire Route To Easy Internet Millions. I’m excited to see what I’ll have to say; I could use some of those internet millions. Join me, Dave Kellett and Jeff Zugale for what’s sure to be a raucous time!

5 thoughts on “SPX Sketches”

  1. In which we learn that it matters less what the tool is, and more who the craftsman is.

    I recently stumbled across your website. Absolutely loving it!

    Must go read and laugh some more 🙂

  2. Oh my god. I feel so embarrassed now. I was at SPX in 2007 and I went around asking artists for Oregon Trail related sketches. You were right next to the PBF artist. I remember getting a sketch from him and you were RIGHT THERE next to him but I didn’t ask you for a sketch because I wasn’t sure if you could actually draw. My thinking was “well he photoshops public domain art and I don’t want to embarrass him if he doesn’t know how to draw and thus can’t sketch something.” Here are the sketches btw http://www.flickr.com/photos/52253547@N00/sets/72157602785722272/

    Boy do I feel stupid BUT HOW WAS I TO KNOW?

  3. these are absolutely fabulous sketches. and today’s comic (i’m allowed to call them comics right? you won’t scold me?) may be my favorite of all time.

    have you ever worked in animation?

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