Prints! Posters! Stickers! Shirts! SURPRISE ARTIST EDITIONS

Prints and posters are once again available of any Wondermark strip! Tall strips such as Captain Pike’s Final Wish and The Fiction Generator are considered POSTERS. Regular-sized strips are considered PRINTS. Here they are!

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Honor student stickers are now in stock! I’ve never gotten so much email so fast. HERE YOU GO YOU HARPIES (j/k I am glad you liked that comic).

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Russian Elephant shirts are back — the design has been revised slightly and they’re now on American Apparel shirts. In stock and shipping now!


As one returns, another departs. Unicycling Ninja shirts are closing out; the current print run will be their last. I don’t know how many are in stock, but it’s going to be fewer each day, so if you ever wanted one, now is the time.

Surprise return of Artist Editions! My travel schedule has me near TopatoCo HQ in a few weeks, so I figured I’d drop in and sketch in a few books for anyone who missed out last time. I expect I will do this about twice a year from now on. Artist Editions are books that include a custom unique sketch by me (here are some examples from the past). This option will only be available through October 11, which is when I arrive at TopatoCo and begin sketching (so of course these will not start shipping until October 13 or so). Any of the strip collections, or the entire Collections Trio Pack, can be upgraded for this limited time. UPDATE: They’re done! Thanks everyone, we’ll do it again in a few months.

Finally, cold fusion generators are now available wait hold on that is not correct or even possible

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  1. The bumper stickers are a class act – basically sums up my generation. Boulder is a great town, but nowhere will you find more PhD bartenders and wait staff.

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