Some shows to check out!

Are you in Calgary, Los Angeles, Nashville, Newport Beach, or Baltimore? WELL I GOT STUFF FOR YOU TO DO.


I’ll be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo next weekend, April 27-29! I’ll be signing books and stuff at the TopatoCo table! That’s pretty cool!

Los Angeles

Thursday, April 26, at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, there’s an improv comedy show called The Grind. They play every Thursday night (and they’re super great and you should go see them and it’s free besides), but on the 26th in particular, opening for them will be the fantastic MC Mr. Napkins, a musician I’ve mentioned before but who deserves another mention. Here he is performing a rap about moustaches.

I can’t wait to see him live again — if he does his song about vegetables, you will be in for quite a treat. (It’s no party hit of the summer, but what is?) Also I perform improv at this theater every other Monday with my team “Battlesocks” but that is neither here nor there.

Other Places

My friend and filmmaker Michael Mohan is bringing his feature comedy Save the Date to film festivals around the country! It’s co-written by (and based on work by, and featuring art by) cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, it stars Lizzy Caplan (Party Down), Alison Brie (Community), Geoffrey Arend (Super Troopers), and Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks), and it’s great. Some upcoming screenings are:

April 21 – 5:30pm – Regal Green Hills Stadium 16*
April 24 – 2:15pm – Regal Green Hills Stadium 16
Tickets & Info

April 28 – 8:15pm – Triangle Square 5**
May 3 – 7:45pm – Island Cinema 3
Tickets & Info

May 4 – 8:00pm – Charles Theatre***
May 6 – 2:00pm – Charles Theatre
Tickets & Info

* Actor Lizzy Caplan and director Michael Mohan will be in attendance for a Q+A.
** Director Michael Mohan will be in attendance for a Q+A.
*** Co-writer Egan Reich and director Michael Mohan will be in attendance for a Q+A.

You can read reviews of the film here (the Onion AV Club gave it an A-!). In addition to these particular festivals, there’ll be more info on future screenings in other cities posted to the Save the Date Facebook page, here.

The film premiered at Sundance this year and it’s currently being shopped around to distributors, so I’d like to give it all the support it can get! If it’s coming to a town near you, you might say you should…SAVE THE DATE

for the screening

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