Boom! And a Bear Comes Out

I wrote a song! It has been running through my mind for a long time, and I finally said “You know what? It is time to FINISH THIS. Time to lay it down. Time to make it the PARTY HIT OF THE SUMMER.”

Boom! And a Bear Comes Out from David Malki ! on Vimeo.

I hope you like it!

If you also have a nagging “cool thing” that you need an excuse to finish, why not submit something to the Machine of Death Talent Show? We’ve pushed back the submission deadline to April 20, and we will accept video performances from remote participants (although if you’re in the Los Angeles area, we’d love to physically put you on the stage)!

More info here. If you can’t submit something, we hope you’ll at least watch the show on the evening of April 26, either live in Los Angeles or livestreamed at Here’s the Facebook event!

I will tease you with this as well: everyone who’s able to attend the show in person will go home with a very special item that we’ll be unveiling the evening of.

Admission will be free, so if you can’t make it, send your Los Angeleno friends!

13 thoughts on “Boom! And a Bear Comes Out”

  1. That was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and/or heard. The magic of the the Machine of Death continues! 11/10.

  2. Lovin’ it. I’ve downloaded to MP3 to play for the kids, and I expect they will have it memorized shortly.

  3. I just can’t believe a bear didn’t come out of that door behind you and kill you at the end. Or would that have been too on the nose?

  4. Two thoughts:

    1. I am disappointed. Your a priori assertions of the absurdity of the bear’s appearance makes it clear that you know nothing of ursine quantum indeterminacy. I would have expected someone of your stature to have studied such pedestrian esoterica.

    2. …and now it’s IN MY HEAD. Thanks.

  5. I watched this while my 2 year old was in the room. He has now been running around for the last two hours shouting, “BOOM! Bear comes out!”

  6. Ok, it’s been ten days now… GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!

    Truly amazing song… I say get it recorded professionally, you could actually make this a hit :p

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