Piled Higher & Deeper — a movie about academia

My friend Jorge Cham, author of the long-running grad-school-themed comic Piled Higher & Deeper, has just released an independent feature film adaptation of his comic strip!

Here’s the trailer…

This is…huge. Making a movie is an arduous task (and I know)! Congrats are due to Jorge and his team, who have been screening the film at college campuses around the country.

Now Jorge has made the movie available to watch online! For ten bucks, you can stream or download the film in its entirety.

BUT WAIT — because I begged and pleaded, Jorge has given Wondermark fans a coupon code. Visit the official movie site via this link and you’ll get half off the price. Just five bucks to watch the movie!

Jorge Cham, ladies and gentlemen. Builder of empires. So proud of that dude.

UPDATE: Jorge’s site is getting hammered by release-day traffic! If it doesn’t load, try back in a bit? THE PRICE OF SUCCESS

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