Sketches from Seattle

Since returning from the Emerald City ComiCon, I’ve been busy moving into a new office! The Twitter throngs and I workshopped a number of excellent names for the new space before I settled on “The Assault Factory.” Runners-up “Champion Cave” and “The Murder Hut” were top contenders as well, but the Assault Factory makes me think of forging boldly ahead, getting stuff done, and blazing new trails. Stand back — I’m headed to the Assault Factory. Let’s make some power.

I considered designing a logo for the Assault Factory, maybe something incorporating an AK-47 and a top hat, but then I realized I already did! (P.S. it looks like there are still a few discounted Smalls and Mediums from the misprinted solid-black-shirt run.)

There remains a fair bit of moving in to do — er, to assault — and I’ll post pictures of the new space when that’s all spiffy and done. In the meantime, here are some sketches I did in Seattle last weekend! The first three were drawn at the airport but the last one, thankfully, was not.

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