Emerald City ComiCon: April 4-5


This coming weekend I’ll be in Seattle for the Emerald City ComiCon! I’ll have books, posters, a few T-shirts and a pad of paper for sketches. This is one of my favorite shows of the year, so I really hope you’ll come out to say hello.

Later this week or early next week: I’ll be launching a pre-order for my new hardcover strip collection, Clever Tricks to Stave off Death, as well as Return to Wondermark Manor: Dispatches from Wondermark Manor Volume III.
Both books will begin shipping in about a month, but you can secure your copies ahead of time with the pre-order — that’ll ensure you get the very first copies that I receive!

This week I will also be closing the window for Unique Sketch Cards and ludicrous phone calls — if you’d like to take advantage of those offers, you have through Friday! There will probably be a slim Venn-diagram of time when both the new books and the Sketch Cards will be available simultaneously, but don’t make it hard on yourself. Just order them separately. I really don’t mind.

See you in Seattle!

2 thoughts on “Emerald City ComiCon: April 4-5”

  1. AUUUGHHHH!!!!

    I am in serious agony right now. I had no idea that there was a ComiCon in Seattle. I LIVE IN FRIGGIN’ SEATTLE, AND I AM A WEBCOMIC ARTIST; HOW COULD I NOT KNOW THAT?? The worst parts are: A. I have no money, B. I’ve already missed half of it, and C. I’m Mormon, so I can’t go tomorrow which is BOTH Sunday AND GENERAL CONFERENCE AUUUGH!!! DX And I really wanted to meet you, Mr. Malki ! I am SO upset.


    I guess there’s always next year. Q_Q

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