OFFICIAL: Malki ! Wins Unofficial Eisner

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SAN DIEGO, CA — The Eisner Awards, the comics industry’s preeminent honors, were announced at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con in a gala reception well-attended by fans and industry luminaries. Immediately following the ceremony, “Wondermark” author David Malki ! was awarded an unofficial Eisner Award by an imaginary ghost of comics legend Will Eisner, for whom the award is named.

Malki’s book Beards of our Forefathers had been nominated for a real Eisner, for “Best Humorous Publication.” The unofficial Eisner win is the first for Malki, although he also won an unofficial Ignatz for “Wondermark” after being nominated in 2007.

“I am humbled to accept this award in lieu of the actual, real-life Eisner, which was held over my head high enough that I could not reach it even if I jumped as high as I could, and they would not let me bring a ladder on stage, even though I had brought one with me,” said Malki in a prepared statement to an invisible audience of spirits.

The unofficial Eisner statue is a miniature bottle of Purell hand sanitizer, which Malki proudly displayed at his booth for the remainder of Comic-Con.

“It’s much lighter than the official Eisner, with a bit more utility as well,” Malki added.

Reached for comment, the imaginary ghost of Will Eisner said “Bluuooooooghhh,” then rattled the chains that hung draped from his body.

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