Next week: San Diego Comic-Con!

can't really onomatopoeia the MIDI fanfare

The biggest comic convention of the year is next week. By now, you’re either going or not; tickets have been sold out for months. So…


Come to the TopatoCo/Dr. McNinja book release party next Wednesday night at San Diego’s Rock Bottom Brewery! It’s free to attend, and a ton of cool cartoonist folks will be there so you’ll have a chance to say hello and chat. Chris will be signing copies of his newest Dr. McNinja book Operation Dracula! From Outer Space, and I’ll be there trying desperately to look as cool as Chris. Details here, Facebook thing here, or just order the book online.


First, it goes without saying that you should come to the Wednesday night book release party too. But also, stop by my table at the show! I’m listed with the “Dayfree Press” gang in the directory (not under my own name) but don’t even worry about that because my booth number is super-easy to remember: 1231. Say it with me. 1-2-3. Then put a 1 on there.

OR, just go to booth 1234 and look behind you. Those chumps are right across the aisle.

Even easier: print out this handy Commemorative Sketch Blank and bring it to me at the show! I’ll put a fun drawing in that guy for free, and there’s even a little map in the corner so you don’t even have to remember the booth number. WHAT COULD BE UNDER THAT HAT???

click me to have fun

At my booth I’ll have: all three strip collections and all three Dispatches books; “Beards” and “Futurism” posters; stickers; comic prints; and Revolution and Steam Powered shirts… plus this brand new baby that’ll be debuting at the Con (click for bigger):

how diligent of you

Based, of course, on this. (The shirt will be available for online ordering in about two weeks.)


Well, it’ll be less crowded where you are. Regardless of where you are.

BONUS LINK: The image at the top of this post is from my 2007 docu-drama “Me Vs. Comic-Con: Who’s Better?” If you’ve never seen it, if you want a glimpse of what Comic-Con’s like, or even if (like me) you watch it incessantly, take a watch. I think it holds up.

SUPER BONUS: Guys you have to check out the “genre microfiction” that clever people are writing in the comments to the last post.

8 thoughts on “Next week: San Diego Comic-Con!”

  1. Love the Emergency Survival Kit design, but am wondering if you’ve any plans to put that on an actual bag? I’ve got plenty of t-shirts, but could use a bag for an earthquake kit (and one for toting my emergency knitting as well).

  2. Yup, we’re going to do a messenger bag as well. Oh, and I’ll be taking the Coast Starlite Dirigible, I’ll see you guys in three weeks when I finally get there.

  3. I love the t-shirt. I just ordered a print of that comic for my wife. I’m going to have to get the shirt to go with it.

  4. D’oh! I’m going to San Diego today, but not next week! I’ll be *this* close to Comic-Con in space, but not in time! Poo.

  5. Would love to see a downloadable version of the “Me vs ComicCon” video for those of us that don’t have the Adobe Flash plugin installed.

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