Signed-print deadline extended; signed-book deadlines announced

Never fear! I am extending the deadline for signed comic prints. Two reasons for this: Demand has been overwhelming, and the replacement comic-print system is not quite up and running yet. I want the replacement system to be seamless when it launches, so I’m giving it some more time for the bugs to get worked out. With many thanks to those who’ve bought prints already, the new deadline for signed comic prints is August 14.

That’s also now the deadline for:

Hand-signed books (either strip collections or Dispatches books). In two weeks, I won’t be shipping my own books anymore, so I won’t be able to sign copies by default the way I do now. I’ll probably do batches of signings/Artist Editions twice a year starting in 2010, but until then, if you want your (upcoming Christmas/Chanukah/birthday gift) book(s) to be signed or inscribed by me, please order them by August 14.

Any of the Dispatches books sold separately (after August 14 they’ll only be sold as a complete set of all three volumes).

But here are two items that are active TODAY:

Signed bookplates! This is my compromise for those who’ve bought unsigned books from Amazon or a local store, or who buy books after the August 14 deadline. Simply mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope, and I’ll sign a free bookplate (or several) and send ’em to you to stick into your book(s):

Send your SASE to: Wondermark Bookplate, 2554 Lincoln Blvd #214, Venice CA 90291. Include a note with any special instructions (such as inscriptions, or requesting multiple bookplates). Except for the cost of the return stamp, this service is absolutely free!

“Where is my Elephant” shirts are currently on clearance!

We’re gonna modify the design very slightly when next we reprint the shirt, so for the moment, the current design is discounted by a couple bucks. And of course, you can also save an additional $5 any time you buy three shirts at a time from the TopatoCo store — they don’t even all have to be Wondermark shirts! Plenty of other good stuff on the site.

More big news to come soon! Thanks very much to everyone who came and said hello at Comic-Con, I had a wonderful time. Hope you’re enjoying the books, shirts, and lingering, smoky glances you picked up at the show!

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