Maker Faire sketches / Next up: Michigan!

Thanks to everyone who said hello at Maker Faire last weekend! It was a whirlwind trip, but what fun it was. Here are some sketches I did for folks at the show!

(Confidential to the Annie E.Z. and Nancy C.D. who got books from me at Maker Faire: Would you email me please?)

Next weekend — I’m in Dearborn, Michigan for the World Steam Expo! It will be my first time ever visiting Michigan, and I’m very excited to meet Eminem. He will be at the airport, right?

The show runs Friday through Monday at the Henry Ford Museum, which I’ve heard is quite the place. I mean the Hyatt! Which I’m sure is nice too. I’ll be doing a special “Making of Wondermark” panel on Sunday afternoon, but if that wasn’t enough, there is also a ton of other steampunky programming, including a “Mad Science Fair.” Oh and I also designed the programs for the show!

Then, on Wednesday, June 1, I’ll be presenting my “True Stuff from Old Books” lecture at the Ann Arbor District Library! I believe it is free to attend. I further believe that it will be amazing? I’ll be signing books and stuff afterward as well.

Finally — I’ll have a little time to kill in Ann Arbor and environs during the trip. Any recommendations of things to check out while I’m in town? Leave a comment or send me an email!

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  1. Ann Arbor is an awesome town to hang out in. Lot’s a good restaurants in the area, but if I had to pick a couple of essentials, I’d point to ‘Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger Cottage’ and the combination of ‘Zingerman’s Deli’ and ‘Zingerman’s Roadhouse’. ‘Vault of Midnight’ is also a very good comic book shop on Main Street.

  2. I second Dave on Zingerman’s Deli. Check out the paper and bookbidning shop (Hollander’s) more-or-less across the street from Zingerman’s in the Kerrytown shops. The Dawn Treader is a pretty fine used bookstore on 514 East Liberty (about a block from campus). Definitely have breakfast at Angelo’s (1100 Catherine Street, across from the Medical School) – it’s worth the wait. Be sure to try the home-squeezed orange juice.

  3. SQUEE!! You’re coming to Ann Arbor?!?!
    I highly recommend Zingerman’s Roadhouse for dinner, sit at the bar in front of the cooks (not in front of the drinking) to get a great show of all the food and usually a few samples while you wait. If you don’t want to go alone, my fiance and I will gladly take you there (we’re semi-regulars).
    I also second the vote for stopping by the Vault of Midnight and Dawntreader. And for all your Robot needs, stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply shop (around the corner from the Vault). The robot sales in front fund the writing skills room in the back.

  4. Looks like the show is actually at the Hyatt and not at The Henry Ford. That being the case, you must definitely check out both The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. …And I just let my membership lapse or I could’ve gotten you in as my guest. Maybe time to renew.

    DM: You’re right, Ray, it’s at the Hyatt. I’ve made the correction! Thanks!

  5. Not to be overly eager, but we’re members and can get you in to Henry Ford/Greenfield if you like. The tea garden in Greenfield Village will start serving this weekend too.

  6. Not only will Eminem be at the airport, but he will be personally putting /leis/ around the necks of each visitor. INSIST on yours. Don’t leave the airport without it!

  7. Definitely Zingerman’s. While no one who hasn’t been there expects such, it’s actually one of the best delis in the world, despite being in the midwest. Not just a local opinion, but that of folk who’ve lived in NYC, LA, etc.

  8. I am going to diverge on Zingerman’s. Yes, they are good, but there is nothing from their deli that can’t be found to be just as good elsewhere for much cheaper. I am sorry, 15 bucks for a sandwich is over doing it.

    Instead go one block up and go to Cosmo’s inside the Sparrow Market. They have got a great menu based around Korean BBQ. Or if you are in a more nautical mood, walk 5 feet to your right and check out the menu at the fish counter.

    Another place to check out is Comet Coffee in Nichol’s Arcade, which serves (literally) hand made coffee. While in Nichol’s Arcade also step into the Tobacconist shop, even if you don’t smoke they have all sorts of 19th Century style men’s grooming supplies and assorted other bits of olde timey fun.

    Pinball Pete’s on South University is a great place to get in some quality arcade time.

  9. In Ann Arbor, if you want some really delicious vegetarian food, try going to Seva. If I could have meals like theirs every day, I’d give up meat in a heart beat. I second Comet Coffee. It’s a bit too expensive to get on a regular basis on a college student budget, but still really good. And Zingerman’s is a gift from God, but sadly, also too expensive for a college student’s budget. Pizza House has delicious milkshakes (and pizza too), and No Thai has decent, cheap Thai food.

    The Henry Ford is fantastic. Take an afternoon to check it out, especially Greenfield Village. You can find really good Arabic food throughout Dearborn (order kibbeh, that’s my favorite). Miller’s Bar (on Michigan Ave.) is renowned for their burgers, though personally I like the ones at Howell’s Bar better. And check out Dearborn Music, also on Michigan Ave.

    The Expo will be great! I went last year, but sadly cannot this year. Have fun!

  10. David, I’ve got no advice on Ann Arbor but I do want to say that it was pleasure meeting you at Maker’s Faire. I regret I didn’t spend more time talking to you. I was the guy that said, “of all of my daily bookmarks I visit, your site is the funniest.” Or was I one of many that said that?

    Love my “tinkerer’s rules” poster and my “stop fighting” print. You’re an awesome guy. Really.

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