“Tinkerer’s Rules” POSTER

I’m pleased to announce that the “Tinkerer’s Rules” comic from the other week is now available as a 16″ x 20″ poster, suitable for classing up any office, workspace, project-cave, studio, creative den, bureau of wizardry, Ministry of Clever Thoughts, or crawlspace-under-the-stairs.

My good friends at TopatoCo will pack it up and ship it to you post-haste! Or, bundle it with any other clever poster to save on shipping.

Folks have also asked about getting the entire “Tinkerer’s Rules” as a booklet — I am taking it under advisement. For now, the poster’s the thing!

Dare I say…Father’s Day gift? Dare I?

3 thoughts on ““Tinkerer’s Rules” POSTER”

  1. Definitely buying this for my Dad. I’ll have to get it laminated to hang it in his workshop safely (otherwise it’s very liable to become stained with grease and oil; it seems the unwritten rule of tinkers is ‘cleanliness is not necessary, nor is organization’).

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