Just added: PORTLAND & L.A. signings!

I was hoping this would all come together, and it has! Hooray! I’ll be coming to Portland, Oregon next week — Wednesday, June 23rd — for a combination book signing and comedy performance of Tweet Me Harder. I was bummed that I wasn’t able to make it to the Stumptown Comics Fest this year, but I’m pleased that I’ll be able to come to Portland after all. I’ll be bringing a small set of Wondermark books and the usual paraphernalia, as well as the new Tweet Me Harder book I’ve written with Kris Straub. And Kris and I will be taking the stage to spin wild, hilarious yarns as part of the festivities of the evening! PLUS there will be many other famous cartoonists there such as Octopus Meredith, Dresden A. Diaz and Erika Moen. YOU SHOULD COME.

Folks have been telling me recently, “David, I hear you keep talking about Tweet Me Harder, but I am not sure that I am interested. I don’t tweet, I can’t bother to tune in live when you do your show, I’m not even quite sure what it is, I don’t have the stomach for podcasts and I’m not fond of you personally.” I’m happy to clarify:

You don’t have to use Twitter to enjoy TMH. It’s just a way that people can interact with the show! Sort of like the callers on a talk radio show. But I’d say that 95% of the TMH listener base has never tweeted to us. That’s fine!

You don’t have to listen live. It’s a podcast! You can subscribe on iTunes and listen to the recorded shows. Again, I’d say the vast majority of people — certainly over 90% — listen to the recorded shows after the fact. DO EET

It is a comedy talk show. Kris and I solve all the world’s problems, every week, for an hour. It will improve your life immeasurably.

You don’t even have to listen to enjoy the show — that’s what the book is for! And you can ignore that this book is a Tweet Me Harder book. Just consider it a comedy book written by me! If you like the voice behind Wondermark, give TMH a try. IN FACT — here is a free chapter from the book so you can see if it’s something you might enjoy more of. KAPOW.

If you are not fond of me personally, I don’t know that we have a lot of common ground to stand on! Perhaps we should ask a mutual friend for advice on how to move forward with our relationship? I think it will just take time, and good intentions, and having some real quality experiences together. Hence the party on Wednesday.

“David, I like Wondermark, but I’ve tried TMH and I hate it.” Well, okay. I’d argue that you may have tripped over a bum episode in a bad mood, but fine. I beg your indulgence, now and in the future, because I will continue to prattle about it. I am very proud of what Kris and I are doing, and we keep getting better.

SO — book signing, Portland, June 23rd! The open house starts at 6PM and the TMH performance will be about 7:30. The address is 1515 SE 46th Ave, 97215, or here is a Facebook thing. Hope to see you there!


The Devastator, the humor anthology you kindly contributed to, is being released next week! I will be attending the release party at Meltdown Comics on Saturday, June 26th and signing copies of the book. I don’t know that I’ll have Wondermark stuff with me, but I will certainly have smiles! And what the heck, I will give away free sketches to anyone who attends.

I will have Wondermark stuff at a signing at Secret Headquarters on July 15! More info to come on this one, but both this and the Portland appearance will be in conjunction with Meredith Gran’s nationwide tour for the release of her new Octopus Pie collection, There Are No Stars in Brooklyn.


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