Tweet Me Harder book! And TOTALLY the BEST shirt

It’s here! The very first Tweet Me Harder book. Written by me and Kris Straub, this book collects the first ten hours of our weekly comedy podcast and adds illustrations, annotations, footnotes and indexes to become the ultimate Tweet Me Harder companion. And if you’re not already following Tweet Me Harder, this is a great way to check out the content of the show (and get plenty of good laughs) without all that bothersome listening. TMH BOOK: Read your podcasts.™

ALSO: As a special upgrade we are also offering this book in DISGUISE MODE, for when you want to shield what you are reading from others (for any reason whatsoever):

Keep your privacy your own with TMH Disguise Mode.™

Also here is a new shirt I have made! It is what I feel, about everything.

Remember: you get five bucks off with the purchase of any three shirts from TopatoCo (my store or others). May I humbly suggest The Second Coming of Lincoln and perhaps Everything is Fine, as well?

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