Happily Ever After, Even Now

Movies in which couples overcome various misunderstandings to eventually hug and kiss as the credits roll ask us to believe that their characters will be together forever.

So I got to thinking: assuming that the couples who get together at the end of movies stay together into the foreseeable future, what must they look like now? Surely they are still together, making coffee in the mornings, shuffling children off to this activity or that, taking trips to see plays and figuring out new digital cameras on the occasional Alaskan cruise.

I present the following as aids to your imagination, helping you to picture the lives of these fictional characters extended out ten, twenty, thirty years until the strange story of their first, accidental meeting is family legend retold every Thanksgiving to the grandchildren: “You know I used to fly Tomcats in the Navy — well, one day, Grandma waltzed into my classroom at Miramar, and I about flipped my lid. I told her about a MiG I’d seen recently, and she tried to freeze me out. And then I played volleyball for a while with Uncle Iceman.”

24 thoughts on “Happily Ever After, Even Now”

  1. You know, Movie titles and Actor names would have been REALLY helpful for those of us who are memory impaired or have not seen the movies referred to…

  2. Well, based off of the image names, the movies are:

    1: Can’t Hardly Wait
    2: Clueless
    3: Doc Hollywood
    4: The Graduate
    5: Pretty Woman
    6: Out of Africa
    7: Reality Bites
    8: Red Sonja
    9: Splash
    10: Star Wars: A New Hope
    11: Top Gun
    12: When Harry Met Sally
    13: Willow
    14: While You Were Sleeping

  3. As someone who hates chick flicks…I know all the chick movies on this list and then some.
    Can’t Hardly Wait
    Doc Hollywood
    Graduate(love this one)
    Pretty Woman
    Out of Africa
    Reality Bites
    Red Sonja(when she like Arnold…Before Marrying Rocky and moving on to Flavor Flav!)
    Star Wars IV A New Hope
    Top Gun
    When Harry Met Sally( I’ll have what she’s having)
    While You Were Sleeping.

    am I the Weenier?

  4. I think it’s amazing how little some of the actors’ appearances have changed. Makes it especially obvious who’s had plastic surgery and who hasn’t.

  5. Even with plastic surgery one can deduct one thing for all this images: Men age better than women….

  6. Well, come on, the last few seconds of The Graduate make it pretty clear that there isn’t going to be a happily-ever-after.

  7. I think Meg Ryan has been hit by the Joker (circa ’89).

    Back then (before I knew who either of them were) I thought Paul Rudd was Ben Affleck.

    JLH looks better now than she did then.

  8. The current Richard Gere looks perfect for the character he played twenty years earlier in Pretty Woman.

  9. 1. ?
    2. Clueless
    3. Doc Hollywood
    4. The Graduate
    5. Pretty Woman
    6. ? (man Robert Redford looks rough! Meryl has aged way more gracefully.)
    7. Singles
    8. Conan the Barbarian
    9. Splash
    10. Star Wars. Ep 4: A New Hope
    11. Top Gun
    12. When Harry Met Sally
    13. Willow
    14. ? (Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock)
    15. The Lion King

  10. Billy Crystal looks horrible. Meg Ryan looks bad in that photo, but it’s over 5 years old and there are much better ones around. We all have bad pix

  11. Interesting,
    Meg Ryan looks like the Joker, and Billy Crystal like a 60 year old woman. And Val Kilmer’s head looks like a ham. Yet somehow Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock look fine…

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