The amp for the Astro Bass goes past 11 all the way to 42.

This comic is by Zachary Sigelko, my collaborator in both the party hit of the summer and various other Wondermark projects. Zach worked in my office here in L.A. until recently moving to Chicago to pursue some kind of dream or other. On his last day in the office (a day I was out of town), on my list of tasks for him was “create a comic.” When I returned, this was on my computer!

I made a video of the comic about making a video.

It’s not a “process video,” per se (I have made plenty of those in the past), but I couldn’t resist making the most annoying social-media reel possible out of the latest comic, #1548.

I posted it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

RELATED: There is a Wondermark Instagram. I set it up ages ago but have never committed to doing anything with it. Someday, I will post more things to it! Feel free to follow it now in case I do!

The most active community I post comics to these days has actually become Wondermark on Facebook?

In the macro, I dislike that website with a passion, but in the micro, I can’t argue with the results for my page in particular.

Lots of great people reading and commenting over there! If you are one of them…thanks!!

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