I knew not whether the skynectar possessed the power it was rumored to, and took it, frankly, for rumor and myth; excavating and restoring the Well, and inviting the pilgrims to supplicate again after a thousand-year drought, was all the reward I sought from the labor. And yet... the reflection I caught in that first bucketful was of a world I knew to be but a dream from long ago. Suddenly, all else fell away, and I wondered in that moment if the score was still tied at 17-all.

When you’re bright, be loud.

Today’s comic revisits another of the heroes from my #Pintopia campaign! This time, it’s that famous satellite of the planet on which most of us live – Luna, the Moon.

We first heard from this celestial character in the classic comic #302.

I have also gone back through the archives and added the new tag #astronomy to past comics involving our various friends in the heavens.

In doing so, I realized there are also quite a few comics featuring the moon in a supporting role, in the context of werewolfery — but that is another topic altogether.

I will let you know when I have completed the assignment of a #lycanthropy tag.

Meanwhile, the loud round one is also the subject of a brand new pin design, once again part of…


Once again I am including this picture of my brand-new pin designs!

You can read more about all different my pin designs over on the campaign page.

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