Upcoming appearances (San Diego & Seattle!)

This weekend I’ll be in San Diego for ConDor, a friendly neighborhood sci-fi convention! I will be speaking, opining, and making enemies discussing the following:

SATURDAY, 4PM: “Synergy between Writer and Illustrator” — Kevin Gerard, Jennifer K. Fong, Laura Brodian Freas, David Malki !, Sue Dawe.

SATURDAY, 5PM: “Extemporaneous Story Telling: Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory 2” — Our panelists take elements from the audience and tell the conspiracies that interconnect them. Gradually they interweave these elements into a theory that explains EVERYTHING. David Malki !, Sherwood Smith, Chris Weber, David Ross, Mike Bocianowski.

SUNDAY, 10AM “The Making of Wondermark” — Comics created live on stage, in front of your very eyes!

SUNDAY, 11AM Autograph session in the dealer’s room.

SUNDAY, 12PM “Ebooks and the Future of Publishing” — Richard Dean Starr, John Oliver, David Malki !, Val Ontell, J. M. Perkins. (I’m moderating this one.)

SUNDAY, 1PM “What Makes a Story Steampunk?” — David Malki !, Scott Farrell, Denise Dumars, Sharon Mock, David Lee Summers.

SUNDAY, EVENING “David please go to bed” — My brain

At the end of March I’ll also be in Seattle for the Emerald City Comicon, which is three days long this year and will surely, surely be an amazing show. Come say hello!

Also on my calendar for the spring are:

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, April 27-29

Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 5-6

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, May 26-27 — My first-ever Vancouver appearance. (Oh, and the show is soliciting volunteers now!)

And maybe others too!

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