Check out: Trails of Tarnation

Perhaps you know Nicholas Gurewitch from his seminal comic strip The Perry Bible Fellowship, or perhaps you know him from the interview I conducted with him in The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack which you got without knowing about him because you are a me completist. Regardless, he is a singular talent and, in addition to his work in comics, has long nurtured a filmmaking impulse as well.

Trails of Tarnation is his surrealist Western. Shot on film and using handmade sets, Nick’s work has an incredible, tactile aesthetic that’s becoming uncommon in cinema, and it’s remarkable to behold. Here is Trails of Tarnation Episode 3, “Ants!”

More of Nick’s video work can be found on his Vimeo page, New Picture Agencies.


  1. Michael

    That was the best thing I’ve watched all week and possibly all month.

  2. Jeff

    The bullet holes in his hat kept switching from the left side to the right side. Where’s the continuity?

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