Another newfangled technological menace

With reference to my “True Stuff from Old Books” entries on humanity’s pervasive fear of the new and unfamiliar, Nealie from Michigan brought this video to my attention. It’s a clip from the Norwegian show “Øystein og jeg” in which a monk has to deal with the most newfangled invention of all: a book!

3 thoughts on “Another newfangled technological menace”

  1. All I’m saying is that we’ve been sharing our ideas via writing for about 5,000 years now. The primacy of the codex over scrolls happened in the last 1500 years or so, and the printing press has been with us for about 550 years. Modern, manufactured books are much more recent, and the electronic book or ‘e-book’ is just the next step of the written word revolution…

    Still, I should think that a long, written correspondence over the course of many months would have been more true to how this help desk encounter would have actually played out.

    ‘Coz I’m all about representin’ for the accuracy, boyz!

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