This Weekend: SPX & TopatoCo Open House

This Saturday, the 26th, in Easthampton, Mass., TopatoCo’s having an open house and tag sale, where tons of overstocked, discontinued, and clearance apparel items — including some of my own older designs, to say nothing of those from other favorite artists! — will have their prices slashed and left to bleed out on (presumably) folding tables. GO GO BUY BUY

I think “tag sale” is a regionalism? Here in California, when strangers enter your premises and leave with goods they did not pay the full retail price for, we call it a “burglary.”

All the details are at the TopatoCo website! If you are not in traveling range of Easthampton, or have had your traveling privileges revoked by the state, you may still visit that fine merchandisery on-line. I hear a rumor that my new Piranhamoose, Arabic, and Knitting Survival shirts have arrived in stock and are shipping now.

Also this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, in a giant webcomics clotted mass which will include friends such as John Allison, Kate Beaton, Danielle Corsetto, Aaron Diaz… from there the alphabetical-surname convention sort of breaks down, but you get the idea. I am going to make and bring some Fiction Generator posters, I think!

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