The Significance of Sunday

This Sunday I’ll be at the West Hollywood Book Fair, participating in a panel discussion with a book signing following:


11:00AM-12:00PM, Comics & Graphic Novels Pavilion

Joshua Dysart (Moderator)
Lorelei Bunjes (Head of Digital Comics, IDW)
Jorge Cham (Piled Higher & Deeper)
David Malki ! (Wondermark)
Signings @ The Comic Bug booth

What place does a medium with no motion and no sound have in the streaming, blinking inter-cloud? Can traditionalism and innovation stand side-by-side? Vertigo author Joshua Dysart talks process, intent and the future with cartoonist and Caltech roboticist Jorge Cham, satirist David Malki and the woman who is guiding a major comic book publisher into the stormy seas of the web, without a map, Lorelei Bunjes.

You know you’ve made it when they label you a satirist! That’s the sort of thing someone has to call you. You can’t call yourself a satirist with a straight face; you sound pompous. I’d prefer to call myself a “dashing ne’er-do-well,” but, you know, satirist is good too. Maybe it’ll make NPR perk its ears up.

Also, reminder that Sunday is the last day ever to pick up one of our limited-run STRANGER DANGER shirts to benefit our community dodgeball league! UPDATE: We’re done! Thanks! In tonight’s game, I got hit in the face TWICE, once in the temple and once just full-on as if the ball was fired from a cannon that was taking my mugshot. There are some real athletes in this league! It is fun exercise but it is definitely teaching me humility. My organized sports experience is, in its entirety, almost playing football one summer when I was 14 and then subbing on a softball team another time when I was 23. My heavy offensive move in that game was staring at the pitch, confused by its arcing, softball-specific parabolic motion; my key defensive play was slipping in the grass trying to go for a grounder. Anyway, the ball to the face tonight drew some blood, so at least I feel kind of manly.

4 thoughts on “The Significance of Sunday”

  1. While the taste of labels can be sweet, the ever so fleeting triumph must dissipate once one realizes that, clearly, they meant to write “satyr” not “satirist”.

  2. Man, this might sound mean, but I really wish I could have seen you get hit in the face with a dodge ball, Malki. Sometime tells me it was HILARIOUS. Then again, I tend to find physical injuries funny (blame it on America’s Funnies Home Videos).

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