Monocle Poppers AWAY

We’ve hit the ground running with the new Monocle Poppers shop! See, my in-laws are visiting, and they are the type who cannot sit still. They need projects. They brought tree-trimmers with them from Seattle to attack some branches outside my apartment while my wife and I were at work. These people are doers. So, they are here at the office helping me put cards into envelopes today! Hooray! We are having a grand time. Thank you for buying cards, and please keep doing so. These people need things to do.

The runaway hit so far has been the Multi-Purpose Card, and I can certainly see why — you can use that guy for everything for the rest of your life. You literally will never need to buy another greeting card, if you buy several dozen of those (like some people already have). Marvelous.

Here’s another card that’s new to the shop this season:


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