17 thoughts on “12 imperfect marketing efforts”

  1. You, sir, make my day. I’ve spent nearly 15 minutes trying to sort these in order of bizarre surrealism. Maybe I don’t get all of them… but I think it might be better that way. Like the force of habit comic from back in the day.

  2. Dammit…I get home from work and dealing with OptiCare, and what do I find? OptiCare. Effing OptiCare. ALWAYS OPTICARE. I hate them and all 18 of their locations AND their home office.

  3. Although I also have an ad for fiber that I tore out of a magazine where everything in the fridge starts with an ‘f’, such as ‘fuffins’, ‘furkey’, etc., and I sit and laugh at it for way too long.

  4. Anybody know what that Obama design is called or where it’s from? I know it’s Moscow/Russia/USSR-related, but I can’t find any images of it on the webs.

    Also, dead on.

  5. Markus — I made all of these, including the Obama graphic. It’s an art style called Constructivist, popularized by the Soviets. Also, it’s intended to be tongue-in-cheek and I do not want it — or any of these — spread around and taken sincerely.

  6. I was just referring to its style of the Obama graphic. The joke wasn’t lost on me. I know Obama is nothing like Lenin, but his perception of being perfect is chipping away at my sanity.

  7. Товарищи!
    Великая Октябрьская Революция, о которой так много писали и говорили большевики, свершилась!

  8. Вы, также, признаете славу нашего доброжелательного лидера? Ура! Товарищ, Вы – мои потерянные братья! Но конечно, мы – все братья теперь при большом наблюдателе!

    Oбдmд! Oбдmд! Oбдmд!

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