This weekend: Festival of Books at UCLA!

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I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments regarding my potential life-destroying move to Chicago! Although many folks weighed in with trenchant arguments both for and against the Windy City, I thought it’d be only fair to give my hometown a fair shake before making any final decisions. To that end, I’ll be appearing this weekend at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, on the UCLA campus!

The Festival of Books is a giant free event consisting of author panels, interviews, readings, and vendors, spread across the entire UCLA campus in Westwood. I’ll be there both days with books, comic prints, smiles and possibly sweet rhymes, sharing booth 704 with my friends and fellow cartoonists Keith Knight and Jose Cabrera. Please peruse the official programming for other events you may want to check out at the festival as well — while I won’t be doing anything more complex than simply hanging out at the booth to chat and meet with people, plenty of neat authors will be doing talks and readings throughout the weekend.

Now then! The UCLA campus is huge, and the official Festival of Books map looks like a placemat that might come with a child’s meal at a particularly unhealthy restaurant. Just look at that thing — it’s got flags, and bears, and treasure clues, and headache-inducing colors… everything a good, functional event-map needs, except any modicum of clarity. You can try your luck with it:

Or, just know that Booth 704 is near Dodd Hall, on the east side of campus. Here’s a Google Map directly to where I will be standing:

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Or, if you are a space traveler from the amazing future, just plug 34.072426, -118.439242 into your GPS brain-chip. Let’s see how that works. Now, I’m not 100% sure about the table placement — so If I’m not right there, just start walking in a spiral outward from that point. I won’t be too far.

2 thoughts on “This weekend: Festival of Books at UCLA!”

  1. That event map… wow. Just… wow.

    No media, online or otherwise, should be this bad ON PURPOSE.

    Perhaps there is some hidden message, obfuscated by clashing colors, misplaced imagery and general nonsense. An insight, perhaps, into the true nature behind this Festival of Books. I shall go to this event and investigate.

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