LAST FEW DAYS for Artist Editions! PLUS TMH LIVE Saturday

TODAY, FRIDAY, is the last day to receive a free ebook by forwarding us your Machine of Death order confirmation from Amazon or TopatoCo. If you’ve purchased a print edition, you can get a Kindle, ePub, or rich text version for free simply by sending your confirmation to info at machineofdeath dot net! Or, you can buy the ebooks directly for ten dollars, that’s fine too. Or of course just download the PDF for nuthin!

SUNDAY is the last day to order Artist Edition Wondermark books, which are books that feature original sketches perhaps similar or perhaps wildly divergent from the example above. This is the only Holiday Offering — I won’t be doing any more Artist Editions until next spring.

Some folks have asked about COMBINING THESE EFFORTS and commissioning a Machine of Death Artist Edition. This is a bit like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters, and so I’m disinclined simply for safety reasons, but rest assured that we have lots of interesting MOD stuff coming down the pike and there will be no shortage of delights in the future.

Now after all those deadlines, here’s one splendid aliveline:

SATURDAY at the New England Webcomics Weekend, I’ll be doing a live performance of Tweet Me Harder with my handsome friend Kris Straub! We’ll be streaming the show online at — just head over there a little before 10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern to tune into the live program. It is guaranteed to be astonishing.

Now I am off to attend a Final Fantasy-themed wedding. Jealous?

5 thoughts on “LAST FEW DAYS for Artist Editions! PLUS TMH LIVE Saturday”

  1. Hey.. Nice Elephantman!
    Look, thanks for the Ebook of MoD as I just couldn’t get Amazon to ship one to UK or apparenlty sell it on losers!
    So, thanks. If it helps, I bought beards of our forefathers instead, maybe you’ll bung your MoD co-writers a buck each from that sale.

  2. A Final Fantasy-themed wedding?! Yeah, I’m pretty jealous, but maybe if you post pictures, I’ll downgrade it to mild covetousness.

  3. Hrm. I sent a copy of my Amazon confirmation to the address in this post on Thu, 04 Nov 2010 at 08:41:01 -0700, and haven’t gotten a response. *sadface*

    (check your email! – moderator)

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