Last call for free bonus game cards! (Only through Feb. 29)

UPDATED TO ADD: I forgot there’s an extra day in February this year! So I will leave the claim form open through FEBRUARY 29 and then close it down.

Thanks to those of you who have submitted your information to get free bonus game cards!

I figured I would wait a beat (until the holiday frenzy had passed) to give folks one final chance to submit, and then I’ll get the cards printed and sent out.

That final chance has come!

Claim your exclusive bonus cards now:

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I would really like you to get copies of two of my recent tabletop games: Keep it 100 and Humblebrag.

Both are party games:

  • Keep it 100 is a slightly adult-themed (but clean-up-able) survey-results guessing and betting game, similar to Family Feud meets Timeline.
  • Humblebrag is a Scattergories-type quick-thinking game with a B.S. bluffing element.

If you already have (or choose to obtain) either game, just send me your receipt or a photo of your game — and I will mail you a free pack of 10 bonus cards for either game (or both)!

The Humblebrag bonus cards are just some fun new categories I thought up.

The Keep it 100 bonus cards feature 10 new survey questions. These are the same survey questions I asked you a few months ago! We’ve had about 500 responses to the surveys so far.

If you haven’t taken the surveys yourself, feel free to do so now! (Whether or not you have the game!)

It’ll be the aggregated answers to those specific questions that will feature on the bonus cards, so the larger the sample of respondents, the better they’ll work for the game.

Meaning, if you want to know the final cumulative answers… you’ll have to get the bonus cards!

☑️ I will leave the submission form open for the rest of the monththrough February 28 29.

Then I will close the form, compile the survey data, print all the bonus cards, and mail them out to everyone who submitted their information! These cards will not be reprinted after this bonus offer.

To repeat: you just have to submit either your receipt (if you get either game now) or just a photo of your copy (if you already have one) to qualify for the free bonus cards.

Here’s where you can find these games:

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the game(s)!!

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