Free PDF Download – 2024 Gapless Calendar!

I used to do this every year, and now, hooray, it’s back for 2024!

I like making and using gapless calendars for planning because they display time as a continuous flow, which is the way we actually experience time.

Because I used to fill my year with weekend events, such as conventions, previously I would start each week on Monday so that Saturday and Sunday would group together.

I know the Sunday-start version is more typical, though (and this year I’m using a Sunday-start one myself, as you can see above).

So, this year I’ve made both versions! Download the printable PDF for whichever one you like:

A few notes for those of you who haven’t used this before:

  • The PDF prints out as 6 pages. If you want to overlap them into bigger columns, like I’ve done here in the picture, you can trim the top off the second page and line it up with the bottom of the previous page.
  • The calendar ends in mid-February 2025, just because that’s how many more days fit on the page after the end of 2024.
  • There are no holidays indicated, only days and dates.
  • Feel free to modify this however you like.


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