Humblebrag Game – Promo Offer!

I have a game out right now called Humblebrag!

It’s available right now in the US and UK from these fine retailers:

What’s this game about?

It’s a combination of trivia and the card game “B.S.” You’re asked to name things from a category… But you only have to actually do it if someone calls your bluff.

How well can you convince others that you really know what you claim to know?

The stakes keep rising as play moves around the table, until someone gets challenged. It’s fun, funny and more strategic than it seems. Plus, your mind goes blank when the timer starts… it can be tougher than you might expect!

Here’s a video explaining what I just said in video form:

Time for the special bonus

As a small games team, we’re absolutely thrilled that Humblebrag is on Barnes & Noble shelves this holiday season.

This represents a big opportunity for us and we’re really excited to get the word out to folks who like trivia, party games, and proving themselves to friends.

So we’re also doing another SPECIAL BONUS PROMOTION:

If you buy this game, I will personally send you a pack of free bonus cards in the mail, to add to your copy.

AFTER THE HOLIDAYS, I will compile the total survey responses, and send you the pack of free cards in the mail!

Thank you so much for taking a look at Humblebrag!

…It’s light and will generate plenty of laughs and groans when the timer goes off. If you’re a fan of games like Codenames or Just One, you’ll have a lot of fun with this one too.

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