Comic 666

A quick note about comic #666: Before you write me to ask where the ghouls and goblins are, let me just remind you that in official Wondermark canon, everybody has been dead all along in the entire archive


  1. Astro Man

    You’re kidding! Even the little duck guy?!

  2. Mumblix Grumph

    Ok, now I’m bummed out. This is like when I found out that the laugh tracks on 70’s TV shows were actually recordings of old radio show audiences. Those audience members had probably already died years before that. Every time Bobby Brady screwed up we we hearing the laughter of the dead.

  3. BMJ

    Very clever. You sneaky bastard.

  4. Jordan

    Oh, just like Lost! Stupid Damon Lindelof!

  5. Adam the Kid

    I KNEW it!

  6. Jorpho

    Oh come now. Gax can’t die – at least, not in any biological sense that humanity is familiar with, amirite?

  7. Scott

    Well played, Mr. Malki, well played.

  8. Sarah

    See, I was going to write to ask where all the wee spring-loaded feet came from.

    ps-I work in a performance library, and here, catalog number 666 is a medley of Christmas songs. \m/

  9. almonster

    I wasn’t expecting ghouls or goblins per se… I was thinking more along the lines of satan. But a Quadboot is rather impressive… did he make two? Or does he have to balance on one leg while wearing it?

  10. Charlie

    “At first I tried not making it, but that didn’t work” – What a beautiful retort! Congratulations, you just came up with the perfect answer to any question!

  11. patg00

    Why not a quadboot?

  12. Phasma Felis

    Yeah, I’m going to be using that one later.

    For the pedant in me, is “everybody has been dead all along” a reference to some previous strip that I’ve forgotten, or is it just a thing?

  13. Licaon

    Too bad that 616 ( devil baby that has gone ? ) is the correct number: 😛

  14. featheredfrog

    I really prefer your original punchline.

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