Check out: Me on the FourCast podcast!

Recently I had the honor of being a guest on FourCast, a lively talk show in which various personages issue outlandish predictions regarding all manner of future events. I was pleased to be invited, and despite a technical hiccup or two (which I blame on sinister agents aghast and furious at the cunning accuracy of my predictions), I think it was a smashing show all round.

Here is an MP3 of the episode, or here is the same thing with video:

And, of course, I cannot let this subject pass without a friendly reminder that if you like nonsensical talky stuff, then there’s also my nonsensical talky program Tweet Me Harder! Here is (what I feel is) a particularly strong episode, in which we give an infant the 55-year-old arms of a murderer just to see what happens.

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