Boston! Austin! B’Austin?


This weekend I’m at ROFLCon in Boston! (Well, Cambridge.) Kris Straub and I will be performing a live episode of our comedy podcast on Saturday as part of ROFLCon’s thrilling event schedule. I’ll also be bringing prints, posters, some books, etc. to ROFLCon as an exhibitor — but, as much as I hate to say it, ROFLCon tickets sold out some time ago. I just found out! So unfortunately, it’s too late to decide to go. We will be streaming the TMH show live online though, and we’ll be announcing that on the official TMH Twitter account (@tweethard).

But don’t despair! Kris and I will also be at The Asgard on Friday night (350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge) for an informal meetup. Please come out from 9-midnight to say hello, shake hands, and if you like, get personalized copies of my books. (I’ll take orders and send them out later, probably.) We’ll also have special advance preview copies of our new Tweet Me Harder book, Hey World Here Are Some Suggestions — which I’m super-excited about, but about which I’ll say much more when it’s available online. BOSTONIANS: hope to see you there!

AUSTONIANS (does that work?): I’m coming to your town soon as well! I’ll be at the Renegade Craft Fair on May 15-16. As I’ve done a few times before, I would like to ask for your help! I would love to have an assistant at the booth each day that I’m there to hang out, chat with, help with merchandise and generally keep me from feeling lonely. If you’d be available one of those days, please email me!

Secondly, I am wondering if anybody would be willing to offer a place to ship a few boxes to? I’d love to get my books, etc. sent off ahead of me, but unfortunately this venue doesn’t offer receiving capabilities. If anyone would be willing to take delivery of three or four boxes of Wondermark merch and potentially help me get them to the show, I’d be tremendously grateful (and some of the stuff in those boxes may mysteriously stay with you as well).

Finally, if you have any suggestions for inexpensive lodging near the Palmer Events Center, please pipe up — I’m not familiar with the area and would love a local perspective. Thanks very much!

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  1. Austinites please. Anyway, don’t know about your budget, but I think that the closest motels, and some of the coolest, are Hotel San Jose and the Austin Motel (Motto: So Near, yet So Far Out). Both are right down Congress from the Palmer Auditorium. Easy walking distance and right near some excellent restaurants.

  2. So glad you’re coming to Austin! The Palmer is close to downtown, so I wouldn’t say anything in the immediate area qualifies as inexpensive. If you’ll post or e-mail your maximum per night, I can give you some suggestions.

  3. If you haven’t found anyone to take your shipments, I can have them delivered to my work-an imports business in central austin.

    Also, if you have some time that Saturday night, a good deal of your fans will probably be at this:

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