Introducing: The Devastator!

First, a quick Boston-n-Austin update: Thanks very much, kind Austinites, for your notes and emails — I think I’ll be covered! I’ll be writing back to you in the next day or two to follow up. And Bostonians: I’m looking forward to meeting you at The Asgard tonight! It might be a bit crowded, but please consider this your official permission to not be shy. I insist you come right up and say hello. Hope to see you there!

NOW THEN. The Devastator (pictured above) is a brand-new quarterly comedy anthology! The brainiacs behind the whole thing are my friends Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden. Here’s a recent interview with The Apiary in which they talk about it. And guess what: I have an original Wondermark story in the book! It features Inspector Gadget. Yes. A Wondermark Inspector Gadget. He was so fun to make. It’s a fun little tale of a man with a thousand pounds of clockworks stuffed in his body. The small stories are the most universal.

Amanda and Geoffrey are funding the first issue using Kickstarter, meaning that in order to actually put the thing to print and pay all the contributors, they’re essentially doing pre-orders for the final book in the form of pledges. Pledge a little, and you’ll get a PDF or a hardcopy of the book; pledge more, and you can get all sorts of nifty limited-edition swag as well. But here’s how Kickstarter works: if the total amount isn’t pledged, then nobody pays anything — and the book doesn’t get made. But it’s so close right now! There’s about a week left in the pledge period, and at the time of this writing, it only needs about another $500. UPDATE: You are the best. That seems to me like a highly surmountable obstacle, so won’t you please check it out?

Oh and here is a video too!

IT’S DEVASTATOR TIME!! Thanks for your support!

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